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Proudly Introducing:



Youth Assembly

United Nations Headquarters, New York

August 23-26, 2016

(Completed Succcessfully)

MUN4UN 2016 Youth Assembly Conference Material

Click on each link below to download!

2016 Background Guides (All)

Download consolidated topic/ discussion background guides here!

Committee A - MUN 2030

SDGs in focus: Poverty, Hunger, Health, Education, Employment, Economy.


Committee B - MUN 2030 

SDGs in focus: Global Partnerships, Peacful Societies, Social Justice & Gender Equality.

Committee C - MUN 2030

SDGs in focus: Climate Change, Sustainable Urbanization & Responsible Lifestyles.

Committee D - The UN4MUN Phenomenon

Committee E - The Changing World of Multilingual MUN

Committee F - Al Global Vision, MUN Think Tank

2016 Conference Participation Guide

Download Here.

2016 Delegate Pre-Arrival Guide

Download Here.

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