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This page outlines the main terms and conditions of the Hall of Fame Competition 2018. Please review it before applying.

  • This competition is organized by "United Ambassadors", referred to as "The Organization" on a volunteer basis.

  • The Organization does NOT charge a fee of any kind in exchange for applications to the Hall of Fame or to its winners for accessing to the United Nations Headquarters to receive recognition and does not seek financial revenue or profit from the Hall of Fame competition. Free access to only the closing ceremony held at the UN HQ is offered through direct invitation, with any travel and accommodation costs incurred by the invited individuals, with the exception of the one top winner.

  • The Organization reserves the right to reject/ deny an application, and/ or dismiss/ disqualify any participant from the competition at any point in time before, during or after the competition due to lack of compliance with the code of conduct and with no prior warning or rights to any form of compensation. Finalists are selected from among applicants through an internal review process. 

  • No decisions regarding the Hall of Fame made by United Ambassadors may be contested or disputed.

  • The Organization is legally separate from the candidates and the projects they present and may not be held liable in any way for any content, statements, positions, publications, actions or behavior by any candidate or the organization they represent. Participants of this campaign/competition do not represent United Ambassadors and may not claim official or legal affiliation with the organization as part of or in connection to this competition for any purpose.

  • The Hall of Fame is a program launched with a sole focus on social development, education, youth development, global citizenship and local, regional and international cultural understanding. No political references or affiliations may be made, nor can any unaccepted direction for the competition be taken.

  • Participant code of conduct is expected to be of the highest professional and ethical standard at all times. Mutual respect for fellow applicants, finalists, and members is required throughout the competition.  No negative references may be made at any point in time to any other person, organization, student, teacher, school or university or academic institution, Model UN organization government, country, International organization or anything else. 

  • Any participant of the conference automatically agrees that their pictures, videos, name or information may be published without prior notice.

  • Candidates/ Participants may be disqualified. Tampering with the voting process, fraud, incorrect representation of oneself or organization, cheating or plagiarism is not allowed and cause for immediate disqualification. Any form of illegal behavior discovered by participants in direct relation to their campaign is not accepted and cause for immediate disqualification.

  • Members of the Hall of Fame are subject to removal in severe cases - should any violations of local or international laws, or lack of compliance with the standards of the competition guidelines be discovered.

  •  Any content, educational material. footage or any form of information derived from this competition is the sole intellectual property of the Organization and may not be transmitted, copied, edited, or distributed under any circumstances.

  • The MUN 2018 Hall of Fame does not provide financial rewards to winners. However, the top winner is provided ONE flight ticket to New York and single accommodation at the Grand Hyatt hotel for 2 nights to allow him/ her to receive the recognition in person at the United Nations Headquarters.

  • The Organization reserves the right to make updates or changes to this website and the information contained within without prior notice.


For any further questions on these terms and conditions, please contact:



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