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Dubai (UAE) . 28-31 March 2019

Staff applications are currently open

Application deadline October 19th, 2018


We are now accepting applications for Co-Administrative Coordinators, Administrative Officers, and trainers for our Model United Nations Academy in the Middle East. The selected candidates will be working together to make our MUN Academy a success and ensure the best & most rewarding educational experience is provided to our students. 


We are looking for the world's best project organizers, team leaders, and MUN trainers. Candidates must display qualities like professionalism, work ethic, strong communication skills, a passion for MUN, and a talent for coaching others. They'd work closely with younger students to guide and encourage them through an immersive and comprehensive training program. Regardless of position, all our accepted candidates must display very strong work ethic, a global mindset & interest in global affairs, particularly high cultural understanding & sensitivity (as UA teams are always international and multicultural) & team orientation with a talent for giving and receiving constructive feedback & commitment towards continuous improvement. The International Trainer position requires minimum 10+ previous Model UN experiences. See the available positions below.  Apply before October 19th, 2018  if you believe there is a skill level match with the position.




Administrative Coordinators and Co-Administrative Coordinators

The position of Administrative Director of the MUN Academy is a managerial post at United Ambassadors. He/ she would lead the team of Administrative Officers (below) and assume high-level responsibilities pertaining to the program set-up, pre-Academy preparations, and on-site implementation. To review the job description of  the MUN Academy Administrative Director, please visit this page. 

Apply here before October 15th, 2018. 

International Trainers (Limited Availability).


The Academy Trainers are responsible for all academic aspects of the MUN Academy and its training programs. This includes running & delivering the training sessions & assisting with the preparation of specific material as part of a larger academic curriculum.  They work very closely with our students and are the main shapers of the educational experience. They report directly to the Academic Director(s). This is an exciting opportunity to expand your teaching skills, working with a rising global education organization that has held training programs in collaboration with the United Nations.



A) Pre-Academy:

- Assist with the refinement, detailing, research & development of all content to be delivered at the Academy.
- Preparing any and all training/ academic material for the assigned track,  including the delegate participation booklet, background guides, presentations, documents, workshop plans/ guides, or more.
- Attend regular pre-academy online meetings with Academic Director/ Staff.

- Undergo extensive pre-academy training and preparation.

- Contribute to the global promotion/ marketing of the Academy.
B) On-Site:
- Deliver the academic training in assigned track (classroom).

- Constantly ensure the highest quality level is delivered and maintained through the education curriculum.

- Serve as the direct mentor, chaperone, and guide to students.
- Collect feedback from students daily, regularly and develop based on this feedback.

- Deliver individual feedback to each student every day, at least once.

- Attend daily post-academy follow-up debrief meetings to track the day’s work and prepare for following day.
- Lead the training sessions on-site and organize/ chair the final one-day Model UN Conference Simulation.

- Ensure students reach their full potential and benefit from an immersive, engaging, rewarding educational experience.

- Complete a daily evaluation sheet for each student every day and ensure students leave the program with developed skills and abilities.


Requirements/ Preferred Qualities:

- Minimum 10+ Model UN previous experiences.

- Previous MUN training experience highly preferred.

- Previous MUN staffing experience*.

- Previous experience in assigned track (THIMUN, UN4MUN, etc).

- Strong academic background and proven related achievements.

- *Required: Stellar ability to receive and deliver effective, professional feedback and lead improvement based on feedback.*

- Strong affinity & talent for teaching/ coaching others and ability to look beyond theoretical curriculum while teaching.- Ability to work effectively in teams

- High threshold for pressure and ability to manage unexpected situations.

- Cultural sensitivity and success in multicultural environments



- Accommodation in Dubai for the duration of the Academy and the days preceding it required for preparation only for international trainers.

- Certificate of Accomplishment from United Ambassadors after job completion.

- The opportunity to receive payment to teach MUN to a group of aspiring international students, as part of a qualified international staff, in some of the most attractive campuses and locations in the UAE and the US.


Administrative Officers


The Administrative Officers are responsible for organizing & facilitating all the camps administrative requirements beforehand, and on site. They should preferably be based in the UAE. Beforehand, they assist with recruiting for the Academy, and ensure all administrative requirements are well set up in advance. Throughout the academy, they ensure the program is running, students are supervised, and all logistical requirements are met, in order for the Academy to be as successful as possible, and the best overall experience is provided to students.   They are headed by and report to the Administrative Director, the leader of the camp admins team.



A) Pre-Academy

- Heavily recruit for the camp from local MUN circuit

- Conduct in-person outreach in local schools/ Universities.

- Prepare promotional videos/ marketing material.

- Ensure the Academy reaches its registration targets.

- Establish a clear, detailed, comprehensive logistics/ administration plan with the Administrative Director covering every step to be taken by staff and students throughout the program.

- Attend pre-academy online meetings to set up and prepare.


B) On-site:

- Full camp administration, from start to finish.

- Manage delegate check-in, material distribution, attendance, etc.

- Supervise students throughout the camp ensuring their safety.

- Serve as direct contact points for students throughout the program for any questions/ logistical support.

- Assisting in delivering the training sessions practical workshops.
- Printing, delivery, and distribution of handouts and class material

- Set up the classrooms at the start and end of each day

- Develop and coordinate all leisure activities, games workshops or outdoor activities, and guide everyone through campus.

- Record the Academy through pictures/ branded photo albums.

- Preparing and publishing attractive recap videos/ newsletters

- Facilitate and organize the final day conference.

- Organizing and supervising the social on the last day.


Requirements/ Preferred Qualities:

- Previous Model UN Experience preferred but not required.

- Previous event staffing/ organizing experience *required*.

- Strong organizational, teamwork, and communication skills.

- Time management and people management skills.

- Proven Ability to *thrive* under pressure and successfully manage unexpected changes, problems or situations.

- *Required: Stellar ability to receive and deliver effective, professional feedback and lead improvement based on feedback.*

- Strong affinity & talent for supporting others and adding value to educational environments.

- Ability to work effectively in teams

- Cultural sensitivity and success in multicultural environments



- Certificate of Accomplishment from United Ambassadors after job completion.

- The opportunity to organize a leading MUN program hosting a group of aspiring international students, as part of a qualified international staff, in some of the most attractive campuses and locations in the UAE.

Applications for staff recruitment round 1 are open until October 19th, 2018

Applications are reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis and multiple acceptances have already been issued. Early application recommended.

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