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MUN 2016

Youth Assembly

Meet the Global Secretariat Team!

Meet The Academic Committee!

Ludvig Daver - Academic Committee Expert

Ludvig Daver is currently serving as an SDG Expert on the Academic Committee for the United Ambassadors MUN4UN Youth Assembly at the UN HQ in New York. Originally from Sweden, Ludvig recently graduated from Stockholm University with a Master's degree in Management Studies and he previously holds a Bachelor's degree in Political Science with a specialization in Public Policy. Last autumn he was an intern with the UN Secretariat's unit for the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, working extensively with the Sustainable Development Goals. During his internship he was also part of WIMUN 2015 as an SDG expert, briefing two of the committees on the new goals. During his studies, Ludvig was very involved in his university's student life, serving one year as President for one of the major student associations at Stockholm University. Before he started his studies, Ludvig lived and worked in Peru for two years and has also as part of his Political Science studies been interning at the Embassy of Sweden in Santiago de Chile.Ludvig is very interested in international relations in general and especially topics related to the UN and the  SDGs in particular. He is very excited for the upcoming Youth Assembly and he is really looking forward to be working with it!

Dominykas Milasius - Academic Committee Expert

Dominykas Milasius is a public affairs and strategic communications professional working with APCO Worldwide in the United Arab Emirates and with experience in the fields of energy, foreign policy and education. Seconded to Masdar, Abu Dhabi’s Renewable Energy Company, he works as a Special Projects Lead, focusing on planning and project-managing impactful initiatives and public campaigns, such as hosting Solar Impulse’s round-the-world trip, International Renewable Energy Agency’s (IRENA) move to Masdar City, and support for Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week. Dom is also involved in work with several youth initiatives and educational simulations. From an MUN delegate to conference organiser and advisor, he has worked on projects like co-founding Lithuanian International MUN initiative and Mediterranean Model United Nations (MEDMUN) conference for Sciences Po, one of the first International MUNs to ever launch multilingual MUN committees. He also worked on development of King’s College London’s annual security policy simulation, Model IRENA (Model International Renewable Energy Agency) in the UAE, Young Leaders Debate and RenewAbility initiatives. His other career highlights include supporting UAE’s climate change policy work, as part of the UAE’s national delegation to Paris Climate Negotiations, where he also managed Masdar CEO’s engagements and the UAE student representatives’ mission. In previous professional positions, Dominykas served as an advisor to the Lithuanian Permanent Representative to the UN and Mission’s Security Council team, specialising in Security Council affairs, with expertise in current affairs and Middle East security. He also served as a Lithuanian National TV & Radio’s special correspondent in Cairo. Dom was a last minute observer and advisor in the Back to the Future Crisis Committee at the United Ambassadors MUN 2016 Leadership Academy in NYU Abu Dhabi, UAE where he assumed the role of the UN Envoy on Youth. Dom played an instrumental role in this crisis simulation, both in 2030 when the world was nearly at ruin, vs. in 2016, when the committee shifted back in time and solutions needed to be brought to the table.

Aleksandra Grishina - Academic Committee Expert

Aleksandra Grishina is the Multilngual MUN Committee Expert on the Academic Committee of the Youth Assembly. She is a student of MGIMO, a prestigious University in Moscow, Russia. The home-university is where Aleksandra's MUN addiction originates, as she is a long standing member of Moscow International Model United Nations Core Secretariat, a conference known for holding Model UN sumulations in all the official languages of the United Nations. She takes both pride and responsibility in working with you as the Expert of Committee "E". For the coming Academic year, Aleksandra willl be studying International Journalism in West Virginia University, USA. She is extrmely excited about the upcoming Youth Assembly, and believes it will be one of the most rewarding experiences, moreover as it is flavored by the groundbreaking and unique conference the United Ambassadors are ready to present. Therefore she can't wait for MUN4UN Youth Assembly to start and she is looking forward to reaffirm her deep commitment to this shared passion!

Agnese Cigliano - Academic Committee Panelist/ Co-Expert.

Agnese Cigliano is the Panelist of Committee B, on the Sustainable Development Goals and co-Expert of Committee D on UN4MUN. She is also a member of the United Ambassadors Central Team serving as an English MUN Content Associate. Aside from looking forward to her term as Secretary-General of RomeMUN, Agnese is currently completing a five years law degree at the University of Naples "Federico II" in Italy. During her study path, she attended several international projects, the most important being a semester abroad through the Erasmus programme at the Palacký University of Olomouc in the Czech Republic and a study visit to Philadelphia, focusing on criminal law. Over the course of the past six years, ahe has had the opportunity to attend several MUNs with different roles, both as delegate and member of the organising committee. She has also participated in three of the Model UN Workshops organised by the UN Department of Public Information on UN4MUN: the 1st ever workshop held at the UN headquarters in NY in 2012, the 1st regional workshop organised in Vienna in 2013 and the workshop organised in Tokyo in 2014. With many projects ahead, she cannot wait to meet you all next August and contribute to the evolution of MUNs around the world!

Charles Bonfils - Academic Committee Expert

Charles Bonfils-Duclos is the expert of the MUN Think Tank Committee - Committee F. A French national, and fresh graduate from Queens’ College, Cambridge, United Kingdom who is soon moving to Geneva, Switzerland to start a Masters programme in International History, and start a position as Secretary-General of Geneva International MUN. On top of the passion he has for debating and making ideas triumph over dogmatism, Model United Nations has quickly imposed itself as the best-suited extra-curricular activity in line with his international upbringing. He has held various positions within the MUN galaxy over the past years, including, but not limited to, President of the Cambridge University United Nations Association, chair and delegate of major UK conferences such as Cambridge, Oxford and London MUN. Aside from his upcoming position as Sec Gen of GIMUN, he is truly thrilled by the platform United Ambassadors offers to leading MUNers of the world, and is committed to making sure your week in New York will be as informative and transformational as possible for the impact of global networking to be as maximal as it can be in your local MUN community. He beleives MUN is not only about sharing ideas; it is more importantly here to open up new frameworks of understandings for each and everyone of us. This is what he is working towards.

Hannah Moosa - Academic Committee Panelist/ Co-Expert

Hannah is honoured to be working on UN4MUN with United Ambassadors, serving as a Panelist and Co-expert on the UN4MUN Committee at the MUN4UN Youth Assembly at the UN HQ, and also serving as Content & Communications Associate for Africa & North America on United Ambassadors core (Central) Executive Team.  Born and raised in South Africa, Hannah now lives in Toronto, Canada, where she pursued her tertiary education. She holds a Bachelors degree in Economics, Political Science and French Studies, and a Masters in International Relations from the University of Toronto and is particularly interested in issues of sustainable development, natural resource management, transboundary water cooperation, peace and conflict, and youth education. Hannah’s experience with Model UN began as a Grade 11 student in South Africa. Since her first conference fifteen years ago, she has served as a delegate, staff member, organiser, secretariat member and faculty advisor at over thirty MUN Conferences at a high school and university level in South Africa, the U.S., Canada, Switzerland and Azerbaijan. Most notably, in 2009 Hannah served as Secretary General of the first Global Model UN Conference organised by the UN DPI at the UN Office in Geneva. This conference marked the first occasion in which UN4MUN Rules of Procedure were used in a MUN simulation. Experiencing it first-hand, Hannah immediately recognised the invaluable role UN4MUN could play in exposing youth to the real workings of the UN, its structure and procedures. She looks forward to meeting MUN leaders from around the world and engaging in a stimulating week of discussions and consensus-building on the future of Model UN worldwide!

Reka Varga - Academic Committee Panelist

Reka is the panelist of the Multilingual Committee at the MUN4UN Youth Assembly, and the United Ambassadors Central Content Associate for French MUN. Having graduated from a Master’s in International Law at Sorbonne University a year ago, Réka is currently pursuing a second Master’s degree in Criminology at the Catholic University of Leuven. Her field of study includes a wide range of different disciplines, reaching from criminal justice through clinical and criminal psychology to social and historical sciences. She has discovered the world of MUN in high school in Hungary, and has been involved with quite a number of conferences ever since, as a delegate, staff member, or chair. She is especially thrilled to be part of the Youth Assembly’s Academic Team and of Committee E, because she sincerely believes that Model United Nations can change our world and our lives for the better, and that we have the responsibility to make Model United Nations itself as great as it can be. As she says, as MUNers, we need to be the ambassadors of the things that truly matter, serving as the intermediate between the UN values, and the people who surround us in our everyday lives. And what better way than Multilingual MUN to reach out as far as possible?

Adria De La Cruz - Academic Committee Panelist

Adria de la Cruz is not only the the panelist of Committee A at the first MUN4UN Youth Assembly, but also the United Ambassadors Central Content & Communications Associate for Latin America & Spanish MUN. Adria is an MUN veteran from the Dominican Republic, currently is majoring in Sociology at Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo and has a vast experience in Model of United Nations. She views her work at UA as greatly rewarding because she has the opportunity of sharing the passion she has had for MUN for the past 6 years and helping people to grow in that field.  She is also the Vice president of her career student’s council, a member of Club Juvenil UNESCO, an administrative team member of WIMUN 2017 and a volunteer at the NGO FUNAJIT.  Since the time she has participated in MUN, in national and international conferences, she has had the opportunity to be a delegate, a head delegate, MUN trainer, chair and administrative team member in collaboration with various organizations including WFUNA. Being an MUNer, she says, in addition to her other projects, has helped her nurture a special interest for Sustainable Development and Human Rights. Being an Everyday Ambassador is not only a slogan for her, it is the definition of a person who promotes changes. It is nearly impossible for her not to encourage people to become social actors for change beyond MUN, that’s why she is so excited about the  United Ambassadors MUN4UN Youth Assembly.

Angela Hou - Academic Committee Panelist

At the MUN4UN Youth Assembly, Angela is honored to serve as the panelist of Committee F.  Angela Hou is a sophomore student at the University of Toronto pursuing a double major in International Relations and Ethics, Society, and Law. As a Chinese national, she began doing Model UN since she moved to Canada five years ago. Angela has staffed a diverse range of positions while simultaneously competing on the circuit. She was the head delegate of her high school delegation, as well as the founding Secretary General of the school’s MUN conference. In university, Angela is serving as the Director of Training on the SSICsim Secretariat, among other formal staff positions in all three conference planning teams at the University of Toronto. In addition to working with North American procedure, Angela has also taught UN4MUN through staffing the WFUNA Youth Camp in Korea. Angela is very passionate about promoting Model UN and its transformative impact on young and future leaders. She is very excited for this opportunity to work with delegates from around the world. She sincerely hopes that this experience will provide a platform for youth from around the world to practice diplomacy and teamwork, and foster constructive discourse about MUN, a program all delegates love dearly.

Cheyma Azzouz - Academic Committee Panelist

Cheyma is a French student who just graduated in History and Political Science at the Sorbonne University. 
She discovered Model United Nations in college and attended 16 conferences in three years, her motivation growing stronger with each. 
Now she wants to go one step further and participate in shaping the world of MUNs along with the United Ambassadors. 
She will spend the coming year learning Arabic and looks forward to study Sustainable Territorial 
Development. Indeed, she would later like to work with the United Nations on fostering sustainability. Her position as panelist of committee C is a good start. Her short­-term dream is to have every MUN in the world be environmentally friendly and responsible. The long-term ones are too numerous but she trusts the MUN4UN Youth Assembly to answer some of them. The simple fact of having a resolution that we will implement for real makes her believe in Youth making a change. She is excited about the gathering of driven young who really want to finally get active and work for what they dream of.

Meet The Administration Team!

Raghida Alsanjalawi - Administration Officer

Raghida, an MUN4UN 2016 Administrative Officer is an MUN leader in Jordan, presently living in Amman, and a critical member  of the United Ambassadors Central Team, serving as Communications Associate for the Middle East. She has recently completed her B.A degree from the German Jordanian University majoring in Translation (Arabic, German, English) with extra courses in cultural studies, international relations and theatre. She also did a year abroad at the University of Leipzig – Leipzig, Germany. MUN so far meant a lot to her; as she's very passionate and committed to the legacy she is leaving behind. Growing up in a conflict zone, the Middle East, made her understand at  an early age the power, potential and role of youth nowadays. She beleives this puts such a huge responsibility upon our shoulders, and that sympathizing with what the world is going through dictates that we strive to be continuously productive, determined and open minded. Her MUN experience started as an attentive delegate early back in high school to a hard working chairperson, press team member, organizer and secretariat. She's participated in 15 conferences including: JMUNs 2009 – 2012, PSUTMUN 2012, GJUMUN 2012 – 2014, GC LAUMUN 2012, elbMUN 2014, LiMUN 2015, C'MUN 2015 and IsarMUN 2015. She's very excited and looking forward for this spectacular opportunity.  She believes this experiece will also reflect on her personality by enriching it with added cultural understanding and awareness, and enable her to better reflect on her own community. 

John Daniel Masangkay - Administration Officer

John is a rising Junior at the University of Toronto pursuing a specialist in Peace, Conflict, and Justice at the Munk School of Global Affairs; with a disciplinary focus in mental health and health care. He began his Model United Nations journey as a nervous 9th grader being dragged into his first training session. Since then, Model UN has been a significant part of his life for the past 6 years and is currently the twice-elected training director for the University of Toronto travelling Model UN team. John is spending his summer teaching middle school and high school students Model UN with the Best Delegate Model United Nations Institute. John loves teaching Model UN—especially to novices—because it allows him to show them the complexities, joy, and community that Model UN can being to individuals. John loves Model UN because it integrates research, writing, and debate components that culminates into a complex social interaction. While the competitive aspect certainly appeals to him, it is the confidence it built him and the community that surrounds him that he enjoys the most. He believes that Model UN can become more than just a debate format as it has the potential to be a viable forum for global, social, and personal change. 

Sol Stephanie Ahn - Administration Officer

Sol is currently a senior studying economics in South Korea. Born and raised in Seoul, she first stepped into the MUN world as a freshman in high school, not knowing where that first step would take her later in life. Through attending numerous MUN conferences as various positions, she became very interested in the power of Model UNs in its influence among the youth. After coming to college, she met more people from diverse backgrounds which made her to realize that successive and continuous collaboration of the youth and Model UN conferences can bring a significant impact to our international society, help to eradicate global crisis and promote sustainable living for everyone.   Other than Model UNs, Sol loves travelling and learning new languages. She especially enjoys trying out new food with the locals wherever she goes. She collects snow-globes as souvenirs of her trips, hoping to visit the African continent to complete her collection.  Sol is a member of the administration team for the assembly. She can’t hide her excitement about the assembly, as it would be another valuable experience for her to work with experienced, top-tier staffers from all over the world.

Liliana Katechis - Administration Officer

Liliana serves as an Administrative Officer of UA’s Youth Assembly at UNHQ in New York. She earned an Associate degree in International Studies from Laguardia College CUNY in 2015 and presently, she is a senior at The City College of New York pursuing a BA in Cultural Anthropology focusing on Human Rights with a minor in Public Policy. Liliana was born in Venezuela and currently resides in NYC. Her passion for MUN started at Universidad Central de Venezuela where she studied German language. So far, she has participated in three official MUN. In two of them, she acted as Delegate in Washington DC, and the other one, as a staff member in the department of General Assembly Affairs in NYC. Not to mention, she has attended over five field related conferences concerning Women for Secretary General, Peace and Security, Wildlife Trafficking, and Climate Change; including Model of UN Workshop provided by UNDPI. She strongly believes that MUN provides a solid platform to form global citizens who will be agents of change by creating a positive impact in their distinct societies. In addition, Liliana volunteers at the Campaign to Elect a Woman as Secretary General by working together with Dr. Krasno its founder. Also, this fall she will join the City Tutors program which assists the Harlem community by providing one on one mentorship to high school students. Liliana is thrilled to serve in such amazing Conference orchestrated by United Ambassadors, along with the most qualified staff coming from five different continents.

Emmanuel Opooku - Administration Officer

Emmanuel  holds a bachelor's degree in Economics and Sociology from the University Of Cape Coast, Ghana and a Master of Arts degree in Economic Policy Management from the University of Ghana. Emmanuel has for over 7 years (whiles schooling) served voluntarily with Life Link Friendship schools Ghana, an organisation solely dedicated to the cause of Model United Nations in Ghana. His major responsibilities at Life Link Ghana have included facilitating and coordinating conference activities, recruitment and training of conference staff and delegates, office administration, supervision and documentation of conference proceedings amongst others. He has participated in a host of Model United Nations conferences both locally and internationally playing several roles from delegate to Secretary General. In august 2015, he became an honorary fellow of Junior Chamber International Osaka. In undertaking these activities, Emmanuel has built his capacity as a team player, participatory leader with sharpened negation skills, diplomacy and a passion for an illustrious international relations career.   In general, Emmanuel is a highly motivated young man who believes passion is the root of excellence. His career goal is to become a consultant in Policy development, programs and project adviser to governments and institutions. Over the years, through his volunteer activities Emmanuel has built his capacity in Team management, developed very good communication skills while building strong Cross cultural and social networking affiliations. Emmanuel looks forward to contributing to the success of this conference as a member of the administrative team.

Roberto Ramos - Administration Officer

Originally from Brazil, Roberto is recent graduate of Universidade Federal do Ceará, located in Fortaleza, where he earned Bachelor`s degree in Law.  Roberto`s MUN career started at SONU(Simulação da Organização das Nações Unidas), first as a chair member, and now as an administration officer. Roberto also participated as a director of Communications at EJUDI(Law Junior Enterprise). He believes in Model UN because it is an impressive way of making international matters be discussed in college and schools. The multicultural facet that is brought when delegations are formed from so many diverse countries is something he truly believes as an excellent  way of making society work together as a community to solve different problems. He is eager to meet all the delegates from the whole World who will join the conference at United Nations Headquarters this august! As an administration officer he is ready to help and assist any delegate. Roberto is a team member of the Youth Assembly`s Administration Team, which is responsible for all the conference`s organizational and logistic duties. Roberto looks forward to working with an impressive multicultural team and making MUN history on the very First MUN4UN Assembly!

Isabella Fuscaldo - Administration Officer

Isabella is currently finishing her International Relations Undergraduate Degree with a Minor in Theology and Religions at Universidad del Rosario, in Bogotá, Colombia. One day,  she wants to join the Colombian Diplomatic Academy in order to work at her country’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations in New York City. Isabella’s enriching and beneficial Model United Nations Career started in Highschool, but it was during my her first year in University that she really fell in love with the exercise, as she’s  sure most of you have. Six years have passed since she attended her first MUN Conference, and a lot has come with it. Isabella is currently serving as the Training Coordinator of her University’s International MUN Team, URDiplomats,  she has participated in both Colombian and international Harvard-hosted MUN. Isabella also serves as Under Director General of her University’s Conference, MUNUR: one of the most competitive and high level MUN Conferences in Latin America. Aside from MUN, Isabella has also been largely involved in Youth Leadership and Volunteering initiatives, and is starting her very own Social Venture based on empowering young people through participation in MUN Conferences, and workshops on leadership, entrepreneurship, public speaking, conflict resolution, and negotiation. Knowing first-hand the potential for change that Model UN Conferences have, Isabella looks forward to serving at the first Assembly that seeks to translate that potential into real action, and hopes to gain perspective, inspiration, and enthusiasm from its delegates.

Mohamed Newaz Sherif - Administration Officer & Photographer

Mohammad Newaz Sharif is an MUN veteran from Bangladesh, currently persuing a Masters degree in Public Policy at the University of Erfurt in Germany specializing in International Conflict Management. Before moving to Germany in 2015, he worked in the development sector for a couple of years on gender, youth, urban governance, climate change and disaster management issues. He has been participating in Model United Nations Conferences since 2013. He served as a youth advisor of the United Nations in Bangladesh during the year 2014-2015. He had participated, organized, facilitated and volunteered in several domestic and international MUN conferences.  He found Model United Nations Conferences highly helpful to build communication and interpersonal skills. MUNs increased his hunger for learning more and to care for the society. Being part of the administration team for MUN4UN, Newaz will dedicate his best effort to make the event highly successful. And Newaz can promise to all the delegates, a life changing experience in MUN4UN being part of such a dynamic organizing team.

Raneem Elsayed - Administration Officer

Hi! my name is Raneem Elsayed. I am a rising junior at the City College of New York majoring in Business Management and History, originally from Egypt, but a lifelong resident of New York. My interests revolve around serving and supporting members of my community. As a result I am involved in the Undergraduate Student Government as well as the University Student Senate. I have also worked on campus for the Office of Student Life and Leadership Development. My experience in MUN includes staffing various conferences held in New York and the UN like Global Classrooms International MUN and WFUNA International MUN. Aside from Model UN, I like to get involved in a variety of activities to get different experiences. I have many dreams for my future career and I always knew I wanted a career that is unique and allows me to help people on a daily basis. I am extremely excited to be serving as Administration Officer for United Ambassadors MUN4UN Youth Assembly. Its a fantastic opportunity for me, not only to return to the United Nations and work as part of a global and talented secretariat team, but to take part in an initiative that may truly affect Model UN around the world.

Meet The Communications Team!

Anastasia Dyomkina - Editor in Chief

Anastasia Dyomkina is Editor in Chief of UA’s inaugural Youth Assembly at the UN HQ in New York.
Originally from Russia and being an active MUNer as well as doing her Master in Strategic Communications at MGIMO-University, Moscow make her feel confident about the success of the Press Team at UA Youth Assembly. Anastasia sees MUN4UN as a great opportunity and a formidable challenge for every participant and member of organizing committee. She strongly believes that it is the Communication Team chance and responsibility to make MUN Voice sound meaningful and powerful far beyond the meeting rooms and halls during August 23-26, 2016. The task of the Press Team resides in three key pillars. Firstly, it is crucial to be the real mirror of the MUN4UN Youth Assembly.
Secondly, its performance allows shaping the future of the Model United Nations Community. Finally, it is a perfect moment to bring MUNers right to the heart of global diplomacy and empower them to really change the World!

Truston Jianheng Yu - Journalist & Co-editor in Chief

As a Singaporean-born Indonesian Chinese having resided in 4 different cities with Hong Kong as his current one, Truston has been brought up in different cultures and grown up to be a young man with an aspiration to serve the global community. Truston is one of the first generation MUNers of his alma mater, King’s College. He founded the King’s International Relations Council and served as Secretary-General of the King’sMUN, the largest local inter-school conference in Hong Kong. His most recent project would be starting the first-of-its-kind Hong Kong Model ASEAN Summit. With multiple chairing experiences at conferences in Bangladesh, Britain and Malaysia, Truston is clearly aware of the nature of the MUN World – its diversity, and the absence of a ‘central headquarters’. He is more than excited to see how delegates would address these issues and bring innovations to the MUN World. Apart from MUN, Truston is also an amateur geologist and Deputy Chief Editor of his school’s magazine - The Fig Tree. Truston has an immense interest in political philosophy and ASEAN affairs. This is Truston’s first time to the Americas, and he is nothing but excited to finally be able to visit Manhattan, Combining his previous experiences, Truston will be using his pen to present to you the ongoing situation at the conference.

Zeina Merhi - Journalist

Zeina Merhi is a Lebanese Journalism and international relations graduate currently pursuing her Master’s in Public Policy and International   Relations at  the American University  of Beirut. Zeina has been very active  for the past years as she has been volunteering and working for change for six years now. Notably, she worked for the Lebanese NGO Media Association for Peace in diversified position as she works today as a UNV-Communication officer at the United Nations Children’s Fund in Lebanon. Zeina has been taking part of various international and national programs, workshops and seminars in both the fields ofJournalism and Politics either as a participant or as a journalist. 

Elnur Aghayev - Designer/ Journalist

Elnur  holds a design position on both the MUN4UN Assembly, and the United Ambassadors Central Team. Being born in the south of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Elnur, has been brought up in various countries with multiple languages and has experienced various cultures under different circumstances. His experience in the design feild includes a role in communication and web development of the first ever International Model United Nations Security Council Conference in Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan. After being invited to take part in the organization of couple other conferences organized by the United Nations Development Programme, he was drawn deeper into the intercultural atmosphere of the MUN and UN conferences in general and have later involved myself within the MUN community to experience more of the youth involvement in the development and achievements of the UN missions in the battle with world issues and be part of it myself. He is excited to be  taking on the role of designer of the MUN4UN for the Press Team, and is looking forward to welcoming our delegates to the Assembly. 

Roberto Perez - Lead Photographer

Roberto perez was the lead photographer of the United Ambassadors MUN 2016 Youth Assembly. 

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