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Success Story from Egypt! WIMUN'15 Vice PGA, Mohamed Hussam Abdelalim

My name is Mohamed Abdelalim, I am senior engineering student in the German University in Cairo. I started my MUN Journey in my second year in University, I was a Security Council observer in GUCMUN'13, then GA3rd Committee delegate in which i represented Cuba in GUCMUN'14. GUCMUN'15 I have become Security Council Secretariat in which i gave sessions to delegates. all of this lead to WIMUN 2015. I was the head delegate for a group of magnificent people with great minds that i am proud of. I was going to represent Serbia in GA6 but I have got elected as a Vice-President of the General Assembly which was a huge game changer. This year in GUCMUN I took a different path as I am now a Media & Publication member.

My experience with United Ambassadors was very beneficial. The Training provided we recieved before travelling to New York was very detailed and informative, and helped us fully understand UN4MUN Procedure, which was new for us. It therefore enabled us to prepare beforehand. Many thanks should go to My Trainer who was also my Secretariat in GUCMUN'13 Nabila Elassar without her I wouldn't have been writing this now.

Learning UN4MUN, then seeing it firsthand at WIMUN 2015 was a life changer for me. UN4MUN made me see MUN from a different perspective. I've learnt a lot from this experience, not only political lessons but also life lessons. Now I am truly aspiring, and dreaming, not only to be the next UN4MUN President of the General Assembly but the real one.

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