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Success story in the UAE - MUN Academy Graduate - Ruaa AlMokbily

My name is Ruaa AlMokbily, and I am a 23 year old, university graduate, holding a bachelor's degree in International Affairs, from Zayed University, United Arab Emirates. As a student of humanities and political sciences, I realized how many people around the world are struggling to survive wars and other horrible issues resulting from political unrest. Watching these scenes and continuously discussing issues of cruelty around the world, I began building my own interests about world peace and believing in it, coming true. I've always wanted to have a role in contributing to world peace, and I've always dreamed of creating my own humanitarian organization, especially for refugee issues.

I've always admired the United Nations, and its efforts towards creating world peace, and believe it can come true through us standing together to create a positive change wherever we are, worldwide.

I heard about United Ambassadors and its vision of advancing goals and values of the United Nations through Model United Nations. I decided to join the MUN summer leadership academy as a beginning to my journey, and it was a great experience! Participating in the MUN activities gave me the opportunity to develop my skills, especially my public speaking and debating skills.

One of the activities I liked the most, was the Pizza activity, which was created to teach us about "consensus"; on how to consider other people's interests while also thinking of yours, and come up with a solution that meets your own interests and that everyone can also agree on. Besides this activity, I truly enjoyed the final conference: The Back to the Future Crisis Committee on the Sustainable Development Goals, and look forward to participating in other MUN conferences in the future.

Through the MUN Academy, I learned a lot about the UN and its activities. I learned that the real power is believing; that if we want our dreams to come true, we just have to believe in it. That passion is the only thing that keeps us dreaming and wanting to achieve more.

In order to accomplish something, we should have faith in ourselves, be passionate about our work, and only believe.

I felt inspired to start working towards my dream, to believe that the world can be a better place by us, because no change can come without us working for it! I am an everyday Ambassador, and I CAN turn the world into a better place!

Ruaa Almokbily,

United Ambassadors MUN Academy 2016 Graduate, United Arab Emirates.

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