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Success story, Egypt - MUN 2016 Assembly UN HQ NYC - Hoda Kassem

I'm Hoda Kassem, and I took part in the MUN 2016 Youth Assembly. My MUN journey started during my first year in college when I joined GUCMUN (German University in Cairo Model United Nations) with the aim of learning, developing myself and getting exposed to different mindsets and ideologies. I have been in GUCMUN for two years, and now I'm starting off my third. I started as a Delegate in the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in 2015 representing the Delegation of the United Arab Emirates. Then in 2016, I became the Rapporteur of the General Assembly Third Committee, and now, I'm embarking upon my new journey as the Chair of the General Assembly Second Committee where I am hoping I would continue to develop myself, and help others learn about the issues our world is facing.

Last summer, I was given the opportunity to represent our Model in the United Ambassadors MUN 2016 Youth Assembly's committee on Global Partnerships, Peaceful Societies, Social Justice & Gender Equality which are some of the Sustainable Development Goals the United Nations is currently working on. I got to discuss with a great number of brilliant individuals how we can all work together to incorporate these goals in our MUN community worldwide to make it a place where everyone gets to have a fair chance to learn, as well as positively affect the people and the community around them.

The topics of gender equality and social justice in particular are things that really matter to me, which is one of the main factors that made me enjoy this experience so much. I was also truly impressed with how everyone was keen on reaching a strong resolution that fairly reflected all ideologies and perspectives. I strongly believe this particular resolution will be a great milestone upon which coming generations of MUN leaders will build in the worldwide MUN reform.

With a great deal of hard work and commitment, GUCMUN was awarded the "Outstanding Delegation" title in the Assembly. Moreover, my partner and I, received the award as the "Most Diplomatic Delegation" in our committee. That is why I consider this conference as a great success for our Model, and for myself personally. It was a great honor to have our work and efforts appreciated by our fellow colleagues, and by the great Secretariat team of United Ambassadors.

I believe that through making MUNs better for the coming generations, we will have aware, driven and ambitious individuals who can help make this world a better place. And we, as GUCMUN, plan on doing our part to help our community become a better one by teaching and enriching the experience of everyone in our Model to let them explore their potential and shine.

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