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Success Story from the United Arab Emirates-MUN Academy Dubai 2017- Sarah Pharaon

My name is Sarah Pharaon, I am from the United Arab Emirates and I am currently studying at Al Mawakeb International School.

Through participating in the MUN Academy, I developed soft skills such as analyzing and speech drafting. My confidence level increased so much that I am now fearless every time I have to present something in front of my class. I met so many amazing people through this program who are now my friends. I even started considering new paths I can take for my future plans as to which major I should take when I attend university. I won an Outstanding Delegate Award and if you had told me before the program started that I would be winning an award, I would've laughed at the idea. Now, I will never doubt myself ever again because I know that I'm capable of succeeding at anything I do. I also learned what the true definition of the United Nations is. I went into the Canadian University knowing absolutely nothing about the UN (I even had a few misconceptions about it) and I came out with a head full of information about how it functioned. I would love to attend an MUN conference in the future or go to another program like this again if I ever get the opportunity! What I loved the most was the workshops because I got to interact with people and showcase my work to an audience, which helped me in recognizing my strengths and weaknesses. I learned to speak my mind and tell others my thoughts about a certain matter. I also learned how to be a leader. I would absolutely recommend the MUN Academy! It is a great program that teaches young minds how to think for their own and how to voice their opinions. It also teaches important skills like negotiation, debate, and public speaking. Above all, it increases the students' confidence level and makes them believe in their abilities.

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