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United Ambassadors

Model United Nations Conference (UA-MUNC)

United Nations Headquarters in Geneva, April 2018


Meet the UA-MUNC 2017 General Assembly Officials

Candidates for President/ Vice President of the General Assembly

Leonardo Giani - President of the General Assembly

Esteemed Chairs and Distinguished Delegates,

My name is Leonardo Giani, I come from Italy and I am Bachelor student Studying at the International University of Geneva. My country of origin is Italy however my native country is Switzerland and I was born here in Geneva. Before this conference I have attended 4 other conferences: THIMUN 2015, Le Rosey MUN 2015, THIMUN 2016 on a high school level; Harvard WorldMUN on a university level. I am applying for the President/Vice-President of General Assembly since I have already tried being a delegate, head delegate and chair in my previous conferences and MUN school clubs. I am now looking forward to trying what the role of President/Vice-President of General Assembly feels like. I believe that since I have done my entire education in Geneva I can bring productive insights about the city that this conference is being hosted in, to help all the international delegates really understand the importance and the relevance of having a MUN conference in this great city. I do think my experience in MUN and my leadership role as President of Student Council in my university makes me sufficiently prepared to tackle the difficult task at hand. Lastly, I really look forward to meeting all of you and to have productive debates while in session.

Sabah Al-Sabah - Vice President of the General Assembly

Hello! My name is Sabah Al-Sabah. I am a Kuwaiti Citizen, currently studying International Relations at the American University of Kuwait. Politics, Human Rights, and International Relations are key passions of mine. Throughout my MUN experience, I was honored to win two awards as a delegate. Once at Bahrain Universities International MUN, and once at Kuwait International Law Society's MUN conference.

I am honored to be presenting my application as a candidate for President of the General Assembly of UA-MUNC 2017. If granted the opportunity to become PGA, I will work to ensure all delegates gain the best UN4MUN experience as they debate the conference topics that fall under the theme: The Road to Sustainable Global Development. However, the committee I was assigned to as a delegate is the GA High-Level Summit on the Rights of Refugees and Migrants. I hope to be given the opportunity to also present my nomination to serve as chair of this unique committee. I believe that I have good organizational skills. Moreover, the topic is an area of interest, and I am updated on issues concerning International relations and the rights of migrants. I have a good work ethic and sense of judgment. If I am given the opportunity, I will do everything in my power to ensure all my fellow delegates have the best possible conference experience. 

Candidates for Chairs of General Assembly Committees

Kone Sara Dominique - Chair - General Assembly First Committee

Distinguished Delegates, hello! My name is Kone Sara Dominique. I am a final year undergraduate law student at the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA). Originally, I come from Cote d'Ivoire but I currently live in Moscow, Russia. I would like to be elected as the chair of the General Assembly first committee. This is my first time participating in a Model United Nations but I am excited to discover what this new experience holds for me and my fellow delegates. I am applying for the chair position because I believe it will be a good way to take full profit from this experience, get to know the delegates more and fully study the questions that were assigned to us. By being the chair, I can participate and help in the proper functioning of the debate and the overall procedure by reaching a balance between the delegates' needs and the issues that need to be solved during the debate. I have a good sense of mediation and try my best to understand the people around me and be objective. My past experiences, as a member of a Moot Court team, for example, allow me to be suitable for this position. To conclude, I would like to invite you to vote for me as a chair and together learn the most from this experience. 

Yusif Suleymanov - Chair - General Assembly Second Committee

My name is Yusif Suleymanov. I am 14 years old, turning 15 soon and am currently studying at the Cambridge International Secondary Programme, to start IGSCE soon. I am a citizen and resident of  Azerbaijan. I am applying to be elected as the Chair or Co-Chair of the General Assembly Second Committee (High School). I have been to 3 International Model United Nations Conferences before; 2 of them in the Security Council, and one of them in OHCHR. In addition, as an OHCHR delegation, I have participated in the General Assembly. These 3 conferences were a great experience since I had tremendous debates, arguments, and resolutions; however, these experiences were very convenient for my debating and political skills. Besides, I am very happy and delighted for being able to attend and be a part of UA-MUNC as this conference will be my 4th International conference and the first one outside Azerbaijan.  I am applying for this position because since my first conference it was my dream and goal to be a Chair in an International MUN Conference. Furthermore, I believe that a Chairing experience would be very beneficial for my future MUN, University, and job applications. I suppose I will be able to qualify as a chair due to my considerably good experience and knowledge of MUN and the role of a chair.  I believe my fellow delegates should vote for me for me as I will work as hard as possible to ensure our committee has quality debates and final resolution.

Federico Caro Diaz - Chair - General Assembly High-Level Summit on the Empowerment of Women

Distinguished Delegates, my name is Federico Caro Diaz. I am a Junior at The Columbus School in Medellin, Colombia. Through my participation as a delegate in over 20 Model United Nations, I have had the opportunity to observe many leaders. The best leaders I had the pleasure of working with were not only intellectually capable of directing a group; they had a contagious enthusiasm for working with all the delegates. These exemplary leaders were all well organized, thoroughly prepared, great problem solvers, diplomatic, and dynamic speakers. From serving as Committee Chair and Co-Chair seven times, I developed these qualities. My time spent as Under Secretary General of The Columbus School Model United Nations (COSMUN 2017) came with great responsibility because of the prestige associated with this particular MUN. It also provided the challenges needed for further character development and prepared me for the honor of serving as Secretary General in COSMUN 2018. Every time I participate in a MUN, regardless of in what capacity, I still get butterflies in my stomach. Why? With so much experience and awards under my belt, I am confident in myself. It is simply my enthusiasm for MUN. For us MUN “geeks”, this model is the best experience we could have. Both my passion for MUN and academic preparation make a great equation for a successful committee in the prestigious UA-MUNC. People often ask me “why do you like MUN so much?” It’s not because it appears on my resume. If tomorrow my resume got lost I would still have all the skills I developed through my participation in MUNs. I am committed to giving my best and serving the committee with excellence in order to ensure all the participants gain the best possible conference experience.

Looking forward to seeing you all very soon!

Sereyrath Seng - Chair - General Assembly High-Level Summit on the Rights of Refugees & Migrants

Hello, my name is Sereyrath Seng. I am currently a Masters Degree student studying Finance at Masaryk university in Brno, Czech republic. I originally come from Cambodia. The position I would like to be elected for is President of the General Assembly. This is my first time of participating in UA-MUNC. Thus, I am very excited to be part of this conference mainly due to the chance of discussing global issues, in the international environment with many people from around the world, which hopefully results in finding solutions to successfully tackle all those global issues effectively for the improvement of global citizens` lives. The reason why I am applying for this particular position is because I want to initiate a friendly and fruitful environment for all participating delegates in order to finally reach a friendly consensus on the solutions to the issues at hand. I believe that I will add value to the conference because I have practical experience leading the political party Cambodia Peoples Party stationed in the Czech Republic. Additionally, I have taken an initiative to successfully establish cooperation between the Cambodian Embassy in Germany and Cambodian students in the Czech Republic in order to guarantee that all students can avoid bureaucratic issues that can affect their educational experience. I hope delegates will vote for me is because I possess the practical leadership combined with the diplomatic skills needed to lead the conference to successfully address the global issues. 

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