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Proudly Introducing:


The *MUN Hall of Fame* 2018

This is a global competition for previous or present participants of Model United Nations who have had a positive impact on their peers or the Model UN community. Joining the competition is free, and open to any and all previous or current Model UN participant who meets the eligibility criteria.

5 finalists have their bios published on the website. The top winner is recognized in person at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. United Ambassadors will cover airfare and accommodation for one top winner to receive the certificate award at the closing ceremony of UA-MUNC NYC 2018.



Stages/ Milestones of the Competition

The below dates are final.


Stage 1) Become an Applicant: Initial Application: Submit application / nomination.

Deadline to apply or submit a nomination is June 25th, 2018.


a. Applicant/ Nominee information: State your name(s) and whether you're applying as an individual, nominating an individual, or applying on behalf of your organization. If you are applying for a nominee, provide all his/her information, in addition to your information.


b. Category/ Campaign/ Initiative: Identify the category and criteria your application falls under from the checklist found here. Which one of the applicant categories/ criteria applies to you/ your nominee? 


If accepted, you become an official “candidate”. Finalists are selected from among candidates in an internal review process by United Ambassadors.


Stage 2) Introducing the Finalists:

Finalists are selected and publicly announced through the website (website bios) and on UA social media.


Stage 3) Voting Open:


Voting open to the public, the top winner selected from among the top 5 finalists.


Stage 4) Winners announced and top #1 winner invited to UA-MUNC New York 2018 to receive in-person recognition.

The top 5 winners are celebrated on the website, and the top winner receives one free flight and 2-night accommodation in New York to be personally recognized at the closing ceremony of UA-MUNC NYC on the 20th of August 2018. 



The Awards -- All accepted participants of this competition, including candidates, finalists or winners, receive substantial positive publicity, recognition, informal status, and acknowledgment, simply by being accepted and published by United Ambassadors as members of the competition. The 10 finalists are filtered from among the candidates and become eternal members of a widely publicized Model United Nations Hall of Fame. The top winner is recognized at the United Nations Headquarters during the closing ceremony of UA-MUNC NYC, for which United Ambassadors will cover single airfare and accommodation to secure attendance.


a) The Grand Prize (Highest Award): The top winner is:

*Awarded as the first place winner of the MUN 2018 Hall of Fame on the website.
* One flight ticket to New York and single accommodation at the Grand Hyatt hotel for 2 nights to receive in-person award/ recognition at the at the UN HQ, on August 20th, 2018, during the closing ceremony of UA-MUNC NYC 2018.

* Certificate of Recognition & Accomplishment declaring them as #1 top winners of the MUN 2018 Hall of Fame.

*His/ her video is shown on the screens during the closing ceremony of UA-MUNC NYC 2018.


b) The Top 5 Winners including the top winners receive:

* Publication as Hall of Fame Top 5 finalists on the website.

* Electronic Certificate of Recognition & Accomplishment declaring them as top 5 finalists of the MUN 2018 Hall of Fame.






Stages of the Hall of Fame 2017

Apply/ Nominate

Finalists Announced

Voting Open

Winners Recognized in UN GA Hall 

(Hall of Fame)

*Deadline to apply & submit bios - Round 2 - is June 30th, 2018. Deadline to vote is July 25th, 2018*
*Earlier applications preferred*
All nominations/ applications are FREE of charge and we do not charge a fee for the Hall of Fame.
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