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What is UN4MUN?

UN4MUN s a program introduced by the United Nations Department of Global Communications in 2009 to bring Model UN simulations closer to how the real UN functions. The term symbolizes accurate simulations of the UN. Today, the name of the office interacting with Model UN's at the UN is "The United Nations Model UN Programme." Their website:

Accurate simulations of the UN have significantly evolved over the past few years. United Ambassadors has been pioneering UN4MUN evolution since 2015 by improving the existing simulations and creating entirely new committees that include the International Court of Justice, the ECOSOC High-Level Political Forum, the CSW, CSTD, UN HCR, UN HRC, and many others. 
United Ambassadors has been holding world-leading educational programs on accurate simulations of the UN since 2014. Between 2016-2018, United Ambassadors held 4 joint UN4MUN workshops in collaboration with the United Nations Department of Global Communications for educators and students worldwide. Today, United Ambassadors is continuing to pioneer the development of the world’s most accurate simulations of the UN, as well as initiatives to engage youth in Model UN with the SDGs. They are being implemented at the United Ambassadors MUN Conference in Geneva and New York.

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