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Values & Philosophy

#I am an Everyday Ambassador.


We believe that:


Model United Nations is more than a UN simulation.

Model United Nations is a platform for development and a way of life.


MUN develops skills and values.

Skills needed for future success in college and career, values needed to create future global leaders.


MUN is a very big world!

All MUN platforms, languages and ideologies should be experienced and celebrated,

while accurately simulating the UN  is an advantage.


MUN can change lives,

and throughout their lives, MUN graduates can change the world.


MUN Graduates, who portray the values of MUN during and after they graduate,

are Everyday Ambassadors.


And we believe that these are

the true leaders of tomorrow.



Core Values


Diversity, inclusion, and global mindset.

Our core team,  from day 1,  from the bottom to the top, was deliberately chosen to be diverse in:

nationality, country of residence, background, spoken languages, MUN expertise, academic background, method of expression & personal qualities.


United in Diversity.

Aside from significant Model UN achievements & qualification,

the ONLY thing our team members have in common is:

*Shared Passion for MUN*

That's how we started, and that's how we'll continue.


Creating Model UN Role Models.

It is not up to us to determine what success is MUN should/ should not mean.

Nor is it up to us to determine who is/ is not an Everyday Ambassador.

However, our MUN Hall of Fame Competition is a way to practically encourage the most deserving in MUN.


The criteria used to select our staff:


Proven qualification & professionalism

Passion for Model United Nations
Commitment to self-development

Ability to give and receive feedback & constructive criticism

Global mindset and respect for cultural diversity


And most importantly,

A believer in the term "Everyday Ambassador".



Snapshots of our Work:

*The world's first and only Model United Nations Youth Assembly at the UN HQ*

*The world's most global multinational, multicultural and qualified MUN team*

*The world's first and only Multilingual MUN Resources website*

*Pioneering the promotion and education of UN4MUN*

*Actively promoting Multilingual MUN and Arabic MUN*

*Actively promoting the UN Sustainable Development Goals through MUN*

*Celebrating young MUN role models through the MUN Hall of Fame*


This is, United Ambassadors.


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