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Proudly Introducing:

United Ambassadors

Model United Nations Conference (UA-MUNC)

 United Nations Office in Geneva, 27 November - 2 December 2019

*Hosted at the UNOG by the Permanent Mission of the United Arab Emirates to the United Nations*

Registration Details: 

The United Ambassadors MUN Conference in Geneva (UA-MUNC) is a conference offering the world's most accurate simulation of the UN. It is set to take place from 27 November - 2 December 2019 at the United Nations Office in Geneva, the International University of Geneva, and the Movenpick Hotel in Geneva.




Registration is open to current high school and university students/ fresh graduates aged 12-29.

*University level delegates may register individually or as part of a group (delegation), headed by a head delegate or faculty adviser that leads the group and acts as the main contact point with the conference.

*High school students can only register as part of a delegation headed by at least 1 adult chaperone/ faculty adviser that supervises the group at all times and serves as the contact point with the conference. 

*MUN conference organizers, teachers, MUN advisors or university graduates are more than welcome to attend the conference to observe the proceedings and implement UN4MUN in their country.

* Note: Application to UA-MUNC does not guarantee that the host country of the conference will grant a Visa to applicants, and all fees are non-refundable. Ensuring all tourist Visa requirements are present before applying is required.



Registration for UA-MUNC includes three components:

1- Conference participation, 2- Selection of accommodation package, 3- Selecting the social package.


1- Conference participation:

*Early Registration deadline is April 30th, 2019.

*Early Registration fee is $189 per participant.

*Priority Registration deadline is July 30th, 2019. (same fee as below).

*Regular Registration deadline is September 30th, 2019.

*Regular Registration fee is $239 per participant.


*Note:* Registration fees are for cost recovery. Free sign up for the UN-based plenary sessions is available.*


Registered delegates/ participants receive: 

* Country assignments, an opportunity to actively participate in UA-MUNC General Assembly/ Security Council simulations, access to all program elements for 4 full days, comprehensive UN4MUN training at the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva, the conference booklet, access to conference material, the UA-MUNC delegate packet, branded lanyard and nametag, complimentary access to the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva for plenary sessions, discounted accommodation packages at the Movenpick for conference duration, a chance to win one of many prestigious conference awards, and certificate of recognition from UA-MUNC and United Ambassadors.


**Note: Earlier registrants receive the opportunity to enter General Assembly Officials elections & opportunity to give a speech during the plenary sessions at the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva. This includes priority registrants.

2- Accommodation Packages:

Accommodation packages are available to registered delegates at discounted rates through UA-MUNC, at the Movenpick Hotel. Rooms offered to UA-MUNC are breakfast included as a hotel courtesy. It is the most convenient accommodation option for UA-MUNC participants.


Accommodation Packages for the Movenpick Geneve in 2019:

The rates below are the total cost per person for all 5 and 7-night accommodation packages, in various room types. Individual delegates may select 5-night accommodation in a single room (for 1 guest), double room (for 2 guests), or triple room (for 3 guests). Delegations are highly encouraged to reserve full triple occupancy room/s and divide delegation members as per their convenience. The offers below are limited in quantity and only available until room blocks provided to the conference are sold out. 

Check-in November 26th/ 28th starting 3 PM, Check-out December 3rd before 11 AM.


*Attention: Discounted hotel rooms are fully sold out.


The single room package: Single room for 1 person with 1 bed, breakfast included.

The double room package: Shared double occupancy room for 2 guests with 2 beds, breakfast included.

The triple room package: Shared room for 3 guests with 2-3 beds, breakfast included.


***The prices below are for 2019. They are inclusive of buffet breakfast for every guest, Sales Tax, and Geneva City Tax per person per room per night***


  1. Single Room (that accommodates only one person) for 5 nights: 1,119 USD  

  2. Double Room (that accommodates only two people) for 5 nights: 1,319 USD 

  3. Triple Room (that accommodates only three people) for 5 nights: 1,429 USD 

  4. \Single Room (that accommodates only one person) for 7 nights: 1,559 USD 

  5. Double Room (that accommodates only two people) for 7 nights: 1,819 USD 

  6. Triple Room (that accommodates only three people) for 7 nights: 2,019 USD 


**Notes*: In Geneva, city tax is requested from guests before checking out and must be paid at the hotel, however, this year, United Ambassadors will cover City Tax on behalf of its delegates, and this price is reflected in room rates

*Discounted hotel rooms are fully sold out.

3. Socials/ UN Tour/ Meals Add-on Option:

This option gives delegates a discounted package of valuable activities and meal options provided by the conference. It is highly recommended that this option is included as part of delegate registration.


Package includes: 

Package fee: $120*

* Guided UN Tour

November 29th, 2019.

* Lunches

Light snacks during committee sessions - 30 November - 1 December at the International University of Geneva

* Evening Conference Social/ Mixer - Exclusive!

December 2nd, 2019

A great chance to socialize, dance, and make friends upon conclusion of the conference.

Includes light snacks/ beverages in a private room, with music, from 4:30 PM - 7:00 PM.



Note: Registration fees are non-refundable. For those not wishing to pay registration fees, the option of free registration as temporary external observer gives accepted waitlisted candidates the right to observe the UA-MUNC opening and closing ceremony that last 1-2 hours at the UN Office in Geneva. Please note, this type of registration does not allow participation in the actual Model United Nations Conference/ full program of events, nor does it include any of the above.

Join our conference now!



Early Registration Deadline: April 30th, 2019

Priority Registration Deadline: July 30th, 2019

Regular Registration Deadline: September 30th, 2019


For questions on UA-MUNC please contact


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