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Proudly Introducing:




We are proud to introduce the Top 5 Winners of the 2018 MUN Hall of Fame. 

This initiative aims to recognize and congratulate these Model UN veterans for their exemplary & lasting contributions to the Model UN community. 

**This year, we are placing a strong emphasis on outstanding youth leaders/ Secretaries-General in Model United Nations.**

The final Hall of Fame of 2018 includes a pre-set quota of 5 members. Please see them below!

The voting results are out! In 2018, we received over 3000 votes for the MUN Hall of Fame.
Congratulations to all these outstanding youth leaders in Model United Nations!  
United Ambassadors Model United Nations Hall of Fame - Merna Ghaly - GUCMUN

#1 First Place Top Winner: Philippe Chabaneix, Secretary-General of Markham MUN 2018

Category: Outstanding Youth Leader - MUN Secretary-General. Location: Peru.

Philippe Chabaneix is a seventeen-year-old high school MUNer hailing from Lima, Peru, where he studies at Markham College. He served as Head Delegate of the Markham team that won the Best International Delegation Award at Harvard MUN 2018. As Markham MUN 2018's Secretary-General, his primary endeavor was to leave Peru's MUN circuit with a legacy. This is why they were determined to innovate. In addition to launching a conference website ( and Facebook Page (, they grew the conference from 315 delegates to over 600 participants last year. They received an expert briefer for each of the twelve committees (including UN Officers, diplomats, politicians, leading investigators and graduates from Harvard and Yale). Finally, they incorporated numerous fantastic aspects of UN4MUN into the 'traditional' Model UN procedure, provided detailed guidelines on diplomacy and updates and media stakeouts for MUN reform in Peru - and shared them with the Peruvian MUN community. Markham MUN's partnership with UNICEF Perú raised nearly USD 1,100 destined towards social progress. Here's how Philippe describes his MUN  story: "MUN does not just give delegates awards. It gives them life experiences. Model UN for me has been a journey throughout the world. It has been fantastic to meet people of different backgrounds, ages, and walks of life. Nevertheless, and particularly throughout the past six months as Markham MUN 2018's Secretary-General, Model UN has also been a journey throughout myself. A journey of encountering strengths and weaknesses, victory and defeat, joy and disappointment. Of motivating others and motivating myself when both others and myself told me that I was aiming too high. MUN has seen me through my best and my worst pushed my limits and taught me that what I envision is my reality. Follow your MUN journey because MUN takes you places, be it halfway across the globe or deep within." Philippe won the 2018 MUN Hall of Fame with approximately 54% of all votes.

United Ambassadors Model United Nations Hall of Fame - Lisa Martin - OMUN

Runner Up - Top Winner: Ali K. Al-Qallaf, President of MUN at the American University of Kuwait

Category: Outstanding Youth Leader - MUN Secretary-General. Location: Kuwait

Ali Al-Qallaf is the current President of the Model United Nations at the American University of Kuwait. He has participated in six MUN conferences, four international ones and two local. From these conferences, he won a total of seven awards. At the United Ambassadors Model United Nations Conference in Geneva 2018, he won the elections at the General Assembly and got the opportunity of becoming the Chair. He was named Head Delegate of his AUKMUN Delegation in UA-MUNC Geneva 2018. He also won the "Competition Recognition Award" by the International Relations Department at the American University of Kuwait for his achievements in MUN, as well as the "Leader of the Year Award" by the Department of Student Affairs for his effective role and contributions as an MUN leader both on and off campus. Ali began his journey in 2016 as the Vice President of MUN at AUK in Kuwait. As an International Relations student, MUN also contributed to enriching his knowledge in several fields such as diplomacy and conflict resolution. Furthermore, MUN helped strengthen his communication and public speaking skills, helping him develop as a student and learner. Ever since Ali joined MUN, he has always been eager to contribute towards the development of his fellow members and does his very best to motivate them and lead the club to success. Ali aims to spread the MUN culture in Kuwait through organizing international MUN conferences and MUN workshops as he believes in the change that people part of MUN can make in the world!


United Ambassadors Model United Nations Hall of Fame - Afolabi Adekaiyaija - London International MUN LIMUN

Top 5 Winner: Hinnah Aftab, Social Venture Challenge Winner

Category: Outstanding Youth Leader. Location: Pakistan

Hinnah Aftab is a 23-year-old girl from Pakistan. She is studying Clinical Psychology at the Women Medical College, Abbottabad. Hinnah has great leadership qualities and she likes to interact with new people, learning a different language and spending quality time with her loved ones.
She participated in HNMUN 2018 and had an amazing experience. She won the SVC (social venture challenge) and got the resolution fellowship at the conference. Now she has started working on a project along with her team members, in collaboration with resolution project team. The project is about women's empowerment and community development. She is very passionate about gender equality and social issues, and that includes participating in MUN, which she believes is a great platform for students. to get engaged in global events. MUN is a good way to improve one's skills, boosting people's confidence and enhancing leadership qualities. HNMUN was her first international trip to attend a Model UN conference. It gave her plenty of knowledge and interaction with the people from all over the world, where she learned about different cultures.
Hinnah believes she can be an inspiration to many people due to her efforts to travel to HNMUN and win the Social Venture Challenge at HNMUN 2018. She wants to tell the world that no matter how hard your life is, only hope and continuous efforts can change your life and make you successful.

United Ambassadors Model United Nations Hall of Fame - Darko Petrovic - EuroMUN

Top 5 Winner: Abril Victoria González Delgado,  Secretary-General, Reyes Católicos Model UN.

Category: Outstanding Youth Leader - MUN Secretary-General. Location: Colombia

My name is Abril Victoria González Delgado, I am 17 years old, currently living in Colombia. I have been to eight Models of the United Nations, winning a diploma each time. Since the first moment I started participating in this amazing activity since the 7th grade, I knew this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I have been in different committees, representing different countries in different topics, such as the United States in ECOSOC. Model UN has had a strong effect on my life and in my heart. Everyday I have worked to be better, to help my country, to help the country on which I live on, for pursuing the respect and compliance of Human Rights by means of the resolution of problems with the tools that this Model gives each one of us, a good management of our word, time, ideas and values for the well-being of all the countries and its citizens, yet in the end they are the ones which form everything the country is. With all that I have learned, I have achieved to be one of the chairs with multiple MUN conference chairing experiences and a MUN trainer/adviser. Finally, I’m working to be president for the second time in 3 years and a Secretary-General in two years, which means as a Senior. This has been thanks to my Spanish school, Reyes Católicos who even helped me to attend a model in Ecuador. Thanks to Multilingual MUN, I have also been able to develop my Spanish and English. 

United Ambassadors Model United Nations Hall of Fame - Dina Kotelnikova - GeMUN

Top 5 Winner: Fawad Ali Langah, Model United Nations Trainer

Category: Exceptional MUN Trainer. Location: Pakistan.

My name is Fawad Ali Langah and I was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan but belongs to Interior Sindh Village called Gabargee District Dadu. I have done my post graduation in International Relations from Middlesex University London, with specialized courses in Global Diplomacy and Public Policy Economics from the University of London and the University of Oxford. I have been serving Model UN platform since 2009 till to date across the globe, I am a Model United Nations Trainer and Consultant too, recently, initiated an online platform to share my entire experience which gives training and tactics through social sites and a YouTube channel known as MUN4SKILLS. Furthermore, the golden achievement of my entire career is GIMUN (Geneva International MUN Conference) selected me as a Bloc Representative/Trainer to train the “OIC” delegates were in, Palace de Nations UN Geneva Headquarters Switzerland in 2012. My motive is to localize the model UN in my society so my upcoming generation will get a great benefit from it and find out their inner talent as well as polish their skills. My recent association with institute and the concept development session will surely help people to get prepare themselves for the conference, as it is no doubt that people do know about Model UN, but they don’t how to do Model UN or prepare for the conference, therefore I am ready to offer my services and my courses will help them to prepare themselves accordingly. 

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