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United Ambassadors

Model United Nations Conference (UA-MUNC)

United Nations Office in Geneva, 2019


Meet the General Assembly Officials!


Taleb AlJallad - President of the General Assembly

Distinguished delegates,

Hello! My name is Taleb AlJallad, I come from Palestine (Not the one in Texas!) and I am running for President of the UA-MUNC General Assembly. I believe that I should be the President of the General Assembly because I am a charismatic, light-hearted, and caring person who can represent you no matter who you are. I have 6 past experiences with MUN, and I have received a Best Delegate award in all of them except for one, in which I received an Honorable Mention (we don't talk about that one). It may seem like 6 experiences are not enough, but I can make up for that through talent, ability, confidence, and sincerity. It is my aspiration to serve as President of the General Assembly, and I assure you that I will do my best to honor all responsibilities that come with this role.


Thank you for your time, and I hope you vote for me :)


Sanmay Moitra, Chair of the Commission on the Status of Women

Greetings Delegates, my name is Sanmay Moitra and I'm in 11th grade in Delhi Public School, Gurgaon. I am currently studying Humanities (political science, economics, etc.) along with Mathematics. I reside in Gurgaon, India. I am applying for the position of President of the General Assembly/ Chair of the Commission on the Status of Women. My experience of Model UN includes over 25 Model UN conferences in various capacities including Secretary-General. I have also attended last year's UA-MUNc at Geneva as a delegate where I won the Honourable Mention Award. As someone who has been to several conferences, I can say with full confidence that UA-MUN was unparalleled in all aspects and I am absolutely certain that it'll be only better this year. Thus acting in the capacity of President/ Chair will give me great pleasure as I get to be a part of this amazing conference. I believe that through my experience I have gained clarity and understanding of the intricacies of a committee and thus I believe I can help make our committee more productive and conducive if the powers of a President/ Chair are to be vested upon me. I thus hope you vote for me as I can guarantee to you that I will to the best of my abilities carry out my duties to make our committee successful and enhance your experience. Thank You, I look forward to meeting you at the conference!

icj pres.jpg

Ridha Sahar Mahamood, President of the International Court of Justice

My name is Ridha Sahar Mahamood, currently finishing my IB diploma in Emirates International School Meadows, Dubai, UAE. I am running for the position of President of the International Court of Justice. I've attended a total of 4 conferences as a delegate and was honored to receive the position of Head of Resources and President of the General Assembly in my school. UA-MUNC isn't just a platform to gain a knowledgeable experience but a platform providing wider exposure to MUN, to improve an individual's skills and professionalism by providing a better understanding of real UN rules and procedures through hands-on experience at the UN headquarters. I believe that it is an honor to be part of a conference like this. I believe that a successful president isn't just someone who is knowledgeable, confident, responsible and organized rather someone who is approachable, tactful, a good communicator and sensitive because being a president of an MUN conference. It is my duty to create a safe, fruitful and professional committee session for all delegates. I believe I am qualified for this position due to my previous MUN experience, in which I learned that a president is not only there to ensure that the debate runs smoothly, but also to motivate delegates and show them that there is nothing to be afraid of as at the end of the day, everyone should learn from the experience and bring in positive changes. I believe that no matter how much experience one has, we can always excel if we put our heart and mind into it and this is what I would like to show fellow delegates as ICJ president.


Carolina Grande, President of the Human Rights Council

Distinguished Delegates,

Hello! My name is Carolina Grande, and I am thrilled to be presenting my candidacy for the position of President of the UA-MUNC Human Rights Council. I am originally from Brazil and am currently studying at the Faculty of Law at the University of Lisbon. Model United Nations has always been a passion for me, ever since my very first experience back in 2011. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure to participate in multiple Conferences around Brazil and Europe and now I have the luck to be the President of LisboMUN Association in Portugal. I believe that a successful President should work to ensure that all voices in the council are heard, and add value to the negotiation process by supporting delegates and enabling effective group decision making. I am qualified for this position due to my previous MUN experience, understanding of human rights and international law, as well as a deep passion for Model UN, and the role of young people in driving positive change on a national and international level. I am greatly looking forward to an amazing experience at UA-MUNC 2019 and to serving as President of the inaugural Human Rights Council at United Ambassadors!


Daniel Núñez Constantino, Vice President of the Human Rights Council

My name's Daniel Núñez, I'm a first-semester student at Tec de Monterrey and I'm currently studying International Business as my bachelor's degree. I was born and raised in Mexico City (the capital city of Mexico) and I'm applying for the role of President of the General Assembly.  This is my second Model United Nations, this is one of the reasons I'm really excited for participating here, I'm also excited because I'll get to know people from everywhere around the world and because this is a great privilege that not all of us can have and it is on us to enable more people to have this kind of experience in the future. I’m applying for this position because it would be a great and new experience for me. I’m aware that this is a great challenge and a big responsibility as well, and even though it only is my second Model United Nations I decided to apply as I see it as a great opportunity to challenge myself to new horizons. I believe that if I get chosen I’d bring a lot of passion into it as it would be a first time for me, and what better place to do it than in the UA-MUNC, I believe that I’m qualified for this position because I can adapt to new situations and can work well under pressure.

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