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*Top-12 Reasons to Choose United Ambassadors MUN*

United Ambassadors is a global leader in Model United Nations Education. Our training programs are held at premium locations around the world, teaching cutting-edge MUN platforms, are designed for skill-building, and focus on leadership development.


















1- We develop & teach Model United Nations, with the real United Nations.

United Ambassadors is one of the very few Model UN Education Organizations to co-develop and co-deliver MUN training programs with the real United Nations. In 2017, we cooperated with the United Nations Department of Global Communications to co-develop and co-deliver the UN4MUN training program in London, United Kingdom, and at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. Since 2017, the UA-MUN workshop was delivered annually in New York and Geneva, and our curriculum expanded to include multiple new UN committee simulations, developed in consultation with UN experts at (the real) International Court of Justice, Human Rights Council, UN Women, ECOSOC, and more.































2- We organize Model UN conferences at premier locations, including UN Offices in New York and Geneva.

"Take your MUN Journey to the real United Nations". The developers of the MUN Academy are world-renowned Model UN experts and Stanford certified educators who have experience organizing international MUN conferences at the United Nations. Our programs set our graduates up for success at leading international MUN conferences, including UA-MUNC.






















3- Redefining "global."

As a core value, and from the day it was founded, United Ambassadors has ensured its staff and teams for all programs, come from all around the world, as we believe this adds value to the educational experience. The core management team of United Ambassadors is globally dispersed. United Ambassadors has held programs in over 12 cities from around the world and normally welcomes delegates from 100+ countries to its various programs every year. Delegates at UA-MUNC engage in an enriching educational and development experience, as part of a group of international students, while learning from UN speakers & international staff. 

4- Learn from Model UN education experts.

United Ambassadors has developed and delivered Model United Nations training programs on various MUN platforms, in different languages, in various countries, to hundreds of students, on-site and online. To date, we have taught Model United Nations in London, Geneva, Qatar, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Cairo, Kuwait, New York, Moscow, and California (upcoming), and students from around the world have attended our training online. The core academic team, as well as the international trainers we recruit, hold extensive experience in various Model UN Procedures and styles, including UN4MUN, THIMUN, and Traditional/ North American Model UN. United Ambassadors is also, the leading (and currently only) MUN Education Organization that develops/ publishes MUN resources in the 6 official languages of the United Nations.























5- Cutting edge, comprehensive curriculum, developed with UN experts.

The UA-MUN Workshop and MUN Academy by United Ambassadors offer extensive training on accurate Model UN simulations.Learn how diplomacy plays out at the real United Nations while building life-long leadership skills.































6- Designed for skill-building. Preparing you for success. 

Excel at MUN. Develop advanced leadership skills. UA-MUN's training curriculum is designed to set you up for success in Model UN, in college, and in your career. Develop all-around critical skills, needed for success in the practical world. A core component of the curriculum of all tracks is: "Mastering the MUN Skill Set". Every student leaves the training workshop after having learned and developed the core skills: public speaking, debate, negotiation, communication, research, writing, consensus building, teamwork, and collaborative problem-solving. 


7- Practical activities, games, and workshops.

Learn by doing: Every training session at United Ambassadors incorporates practical activities in every module to ensure students apply theoretical concepts every step along the way. 



8- Beautiful, vibrant, & central locations.

Our training programs are held in the most convenient locations around the world.  They have previously been held in Kuwait, London, Abu Dhabi, Geneva, and London. In 2017/ 2018, United Ambassadors training programs were/ will be held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, USA, Dubai,  UAE, London, United Kingdom, and the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.





























9- Competitive pricing.

The tuition of our educational programs is competitive for each region we operate in. We also offer scholarship opportunities when possible as we hope to provide this opportunity to as many students as possible.


10- Qualified, professional, passionate, international trainers, and staff.

The trainers and staff recruited for the MUN Academy are selected from a competitive applicant pool from all around the world and are usually MUN leaders of their circuit. Our staff are qualified, friendly, approachable, supportive, and work together to ensure our students gain the best and most rewarding educational and development experience possible.


11- Fun, fun, and more fun. Inter-cultural dialogue and life-long friendships with students from all around the world. 

Fun is a keyword usually used by our students as they provide feedback, as well as educational and enriching. Alongside a rigorous academic curriculum, the MUN Academy gives participants the opportunity to have so, much FUN, and make lifelong friends with like-minded students from all around the world. 






























12- Beyond MUN: Long-term mission - the core values of the organization. 

We are an organization that actually believes that "MUN can change the world". Our mission is to help you succeed and prepare to lead, in college, career, and life. Our aspiration is to produce graduates who define the term "everyday ambassadors", and are committed to positively affecting their surroundings, communicating values of global citizenship, cross-cultural understanding, diplomacy, and global awareness, wherever their journey may take them, all while employing the valuable skills developed during their Model UN journey.



13- Bonus: Hear it from our delegates. 

Read our graduates' feedback and success stories here!







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Dubai Academy - CUD
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