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United Ambassadors

Model United Nations Conference (UA-MUNC)

United Nations Office in Geneva, April 2018


Committees, Councils and Topics: UA-MUNC is a UN4MUN (Model United Nations) Conference, ie: a simulation of the "Real United Nations". Throughout this dynamic simulation of the United Nations, delegates will have an unparalleled opportunity to engage in a Model UN setting that accurately mirrors how UN meetings are conducted, all while discussing critical topics that are currently on the real United Nations agenda. The conference will host 2 General Assembly Committees,  2 Security Council Committees and for the first time in Model UN history, it will introduce new committees within the UN4MUN Platform. Namely, the ECOSOC High-Level Political Forum and the UN Disaster Assessment and Coordination, Crisis Committee. 


UA-MUNC 2018 Theme is: Conflict Prevention, Disaster Relief, and Solidifying Efforts Towards Maintaining International Peace & Security on the Road to Sustainable Global Development.


UA-MUNC 2017 Theme was: The Road to Sustainable Global Development in light of Economic, Social, and Security Related Challenges in the Modern World.

General Assembly First Committee

(Disarmament and International Security):

University Level (Ages 18+)

Topic: Preventive disarmament of Nuclear, Chemical and Conventional Weapons, threats of an arms race in outer space, and the role of disarmament in Sustainable Development.

See Secretary-General Report here.
















UN General Assembly High-Level Summit on the Rights of Refugees and Migrants:

High School and University (Ages 14+ and 18+)

Topic: Strategies to counter the surge of intolerance and xenophobia against migrants and refugees around the globe.


See Secretary-General Report here.













Security Council A

University Level (Ages 18+)

Threats to International Peace and Security caused by terrorist acts (aviation and civilian security amidst a rise of suspected international terrorism).

See Secretary-General Report here.






General Assembly Second Committee

(Economic and Financial):

High School Level (Ages 14+)

Topic: Taking immediate, effective action against Climate Change while addressing the threat it poses to Sustainable Global Development.

See Secretary-General Report here.
















UN General Assembly High-Level Summit on the Empowerment of Women:

High School and University (Ages 14+ and 18+)

Topic: Ending all forms of violence & discrimination against women and ensuring the empowerment and advancement of women in global economies and social order (Planet 50-50 by 2030 and #HeforShe).

See Secretary-General Report here.

Security Council B

High School Level (Ages 14+)

Immediate measures to protect children and civilians in armed conflict and ensure their access to emergency relief.

See Secretary-General Report here.















Registration Details

Registration for UA-MUNC 2018 will be available soon.

For questions on UA-MUNC please contact


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