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United Nations Headquarters in New York, 15-20 August 2018

Model United Nations Conference (UA-MUNC)

Proudly Introducing:


**Dates are confirmed**

 Here are the top 14 reasons to register as a Delegate for UA-MUNC at the UN HQ in New York!


1- Re-defining "Real" - MUN Like the Real UN.

UA-MUNC is a pioneering Model UN Conference offering the world's most accurate, cutting-edge and innovative simulation of the United Nations. The conference negotiation/ decision-making process accurately mirrors the real United Nations, and the Plenaries are held in the General Assembly Hall at the United Nations Headquarters. It is the only conference to offer new committees in UN4MUN including the International Court of Justice, the Economic and Social Council High-Level Political Forum and Commission on the Status of Women, the Security Council and General Assembly, as well as a real-life "MUN Action" Committee discussing the role of youth in advancing  SDG 16.














2- The General Assembly Hall, United Nations Headquarters, New York.

Walk into one of the most famous halls at the United Nations Headquarters, where world leaders convene every year. With its historical and political significance, the newly renovated United Nations General Assembly Hall has a captivating presence that must be experienced in person. Delegates will be spending time in the UN GA Hall for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies/ Plenaries.













3- UN4MUN Rules of Procedure - Accurate Portrayal of the UN.

UA-MUNC follows UN4MUN Rules of Procedure, making it an accurate portrayal of the decision-making process of the real United Nations in the Model UN world. Delegates have the opportunity to learn how decisions at the real UN are made, in a unique conference setting, resulting in a valuable educational experience.












4- Critical Theme and Engaging Topics.

The academic theme of UA-MUNC NYC 2018 is: "The Road to Achieving Peaceful, Just, Inclusive Societies, Global Partnerships and Strong Institutions for Sustainable Global Development". The conference will host 8 committees that discuss critical, engaging, multifaceted issues that are currently a priority at the United Nations.















5- Opportunity to Deliver a Speech from UN GA Podium.

Delegates and GA Officials will have the opportunity to deliver speeches from the podium of the General Assembly during both the Opening and Closing Plenary Sessions, by direct invitation from the conference organizers for specific delegates.












6- The GA Official Elections - Delegates can Lead, Chair and become President of the General Assembly.

Delegates who register before early registration deadline will have the opportunity to apply for General Assembly Officials elections. The results of the voting by other conference delegates could offer nominees a chance to become: President of the General Assembly (work side by side with the Secretary-General), or committee chairs, actively moderating formal, meetings and facilitating informal meetings in individual committee sessions. 















7- UN Officials and Keynote Speakers.

United Ambassadors is proud to hold a strong record of notable UN speakers at its various programs and events. The last MUN Youth Assembly at the UN HQ hosted the Director of Outreach of the UN DPI, Mr. Maher Nasser, the UN Envoy on Youth, Mr. Ahmad Alhendawi, the President of the General Assembly, Mr. Mogens Lykkettoft, received a message from Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, as well as hosted speakers from the United Nations Academic Impact initiative, the SDG Action Campaign, among others. UA-MUNC 2017 at the UN in Geneva hosted various speakers including H.E Ambassador Alzaabi, Permanent Representative of the UAE to the UN in Geneva, Ms. Ms. Vicky Tennant, Special Assistant to the High Commissioner, UNHCR, Ms. Ms. Caitlin Kraft-Buchman, Founder of Women at the Table and International Gender Champions, and Mr. Amandeep Gill, Ambassador to the Conference on Disarmament. We look forward to welcoming more VIP guests, UN Diplomats and UN Officials at the MUN 2017 Youth Assembly.












8- Rewarding, Challenging Committee Sessions.

The nature of the conference strongly encourages cooperation, as opposed to antagonistic/ confrontational debate or competition. Leave no man behind. This is very much the culture of UA-MUNC and in that sense, the culture of negotiations that take place in the real world of diplomacy, at the UN. But, don't underestimate the consensus challenge. Even though the conference does not encourage non-productive competitive debate, it does encourage consensus, which is much more challenging to reach. Consensus implies that all delegates actively participated in resolution drafting and do not have major reservations on the content of the adopted text, allowing the final resolution to be adopted without a vote. Succeeding at this challenge demands a more advanced set of skills that are also more in line with the drivers of professional success in the real world. In addition, Security Council sessions will allow delegates to stand in the spotlight during an exercise called "Media Stakeouts". This is an opportunity for Delegates to address the conference media team on the progress of discussions. All reiterating the value of this conference as an educational experience.















9- New York, New York! 

Referred to by many as the "City of Dreams", New York City is an attractive touristic destination to visitors from around the world. It is most famous for its skyline, museums, culture, its historic landmarks including the Statue of Liberty, and most importantly, the diversity of its resident population. That of course, aside from it being the home of the UN Headquarters. 













10- UN4MUN Training & Connected UN4MUN Workshop.

The conference will follow UN4MUN Procedure, and will therefore practically introduce participants to how an accurate Model of the UN should be conducted. In addition, there a joint UN4MUN training workshop by the United Nations and United Ambassadors will be offered before the conference that can prepare participants for the organization of, or advanced participation in UN4MUN conferences. The workshop is offered at a reduced rate to UA-MUNC Delegates.















11- Conference Awards. 

Delegates have the opportunity to win one of many prestigious conference awards, including best small delegation, best large delegation, honorable mention, and the coveted Diplomacy Award. Award winners are celebrated in person at the heart of the United Nations Headquarters in the General Assembly Hall. 















12- Intercultural dialogue and international friendships.

UA-MUNC combines intense, full day committee sessions with an attractive social program, and various opportunities for fellow like-minded delegates coming from all corners of the world, who share an interest in global issues and a passion for the United Nations to closely interact and get to know each other on a daily basis. The conference venue, nature of the simulation, as well as the incredible diversity of staff and delegates, create a unique environment that encourages idea sharing, and the development of rapport and mutual understanding between young leaders from all around the world, who may have different backgrounds or perspectives. This is one of the core values of United Ambassadors, that made us believe in the value of Model United Nations, to begin with













13- Recognizable Certification

United Ambassadors will offer a certificate of completion to participants of UA-MUNC  after the conference, to indicate that they have successfully completed one the world's pioneering MUN conferences that accurately followed UN4MUN Procedure. Certificates are only offered to delegates who participated in over 85% of the conference & committee sessions.


14- Be the first in the world. 

The qualities that make up the United Ambassadors MUN Conference culminate into one critical conclusion. It is your opportunity to be the first in the world, not only to participate in accurate simulations of the UN in some newly developed committees like the ICJ, ECOSOC, as well as GA and SC but to engage in the "MUN Action" Committee, and be a part of the story of the first conference in the world to be launched with the theme: "Let's Make MUN Change the World".



Media Stakeout UN4MUN


Regular Registration Deadline: June 15th, 2018

Late Registration Deadline: June 30th, 2018




Note: This conference is organized by United Ambassadors, a  global non-profit education organization. Seats are limited. Early registration is advised.

For questions on UA-MUNC New York, please email

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