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New York, USA, 29 July - 3 August 2020


Model United Nations Conference (UA-MUNC)

Proudly Introducing:


Terms and Conditions:


This page outlines the main legal terms and conditions of the United Ambassadors Model United Nations Conference in New York.

By registering as a  United Ambassadors delegate, observer. faculty advisor, or conference participant, you agree to the below terms and conditions.

Please review it before completing registration as the below disclaimers apply to all conference attendees.


  • This conference is a simulation of the United Nations, organized by United Ambassadors, also referred to as “The Organization” in this Terms and Conditions page. Delegates (students) will be role-playing as Ambassadors to the UN and attempt to discuss and find solutions to global issues. It is an educational conference that aims to foster global awareness, global citizenship, and youth advocacy for the goals and values of the United Nations while developing critical skills like diplomacy, negotiation, public speaking, research, and a comprehensive and practical understanding of the work and decision-making process of the real United Nations. It is organized by United Ambassadors, an international educational organization based in New York that holds programs around the world in partnership with UN Offices and Diplomatic Missions.

  • United Ambassadors does not charge any fee for entry to the United Nations. Registration fees are for active participants and beneficiaries of UA's educational program and resources held inside and outside of UN facilities. If you do not wish to register as an active participant, and only wish to attend the opening/ closing ceremonies at the UN HQ, please fill in this free registration form for 1-day access to the ceremonies in the UN as an inactive observer free of charge. Acceptance is not guaranteed, this form will place you on a waiting list. Applications are reviewed and provided based on merit and availability. This form does not include any travel or accommodation cost coverage, invitation letters to the conference, country/ committee assignments, or the ability to observe or participate in training or committee sessions.

  • According to United Nations legal regulations, United Nations Member States and the UN Secretariat have priority use of all United Nations conference rooms. As a result, should an emergency meeting be required on our conference dates, UA-MUNC plenary sessions will be shifted to an alternate venue, either inside or outside of the UN HQ (alternate conference room at the UN, or Grand Hyatt, NYC). Participants must, therefore, not book flight tickets for the conference before confirming with United Ambassadors.

Important: Travel bans related to Coronavirus:  On 5 March 2020, the US Department of State published an important statement on travel bans to the US related to Coronavirus. See here: 

Participant safety is our top priority at United Ambassadors. We will remain vigilant of the constant updates related to the Coronavirus outbreak and make any changes necessary to conference dates, participant list, or venue to ensure maximum safety of all attendees. United Ambassadors will remain committed to all travel bans put in place by affected countries. 

All participants are *required * to follow basic protection advice published by the World Health Organization:


1. Eligibility:

  • United Ambassadors MUN Conference welcomes youth/ students between the age of 14 and 29 from North America, Europe, the Middle East, the GCC, Africa, Latin America, Asia, and Australia who have experience in Model UN, or wish to develop their skills, and demonstrate an interest in international relations and in learning about the real United Nations.

  • Delegates must be enrolled in a high school, university, grad school, or be a recent graduate under the age of 29. Interested participants who have graduated from university, or are above 29, are welcome to attend as observers.

  • University delegates may register as part of a group or as an individual. High school delegates may register as part of a group or as an individual as long as they have a teacher or a parent as a chaperone.

  • United Ambassadors welcomes teachers, conference organizers and MUN advisors who have a role in planning and organizing a MUN conference to attend the UA-MUN training workshop as participants and the UA-MUNC conference as observers.


2. Registration Deadlines and Conference Dates.

  • All registrations are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • Early registration period ends on the 29th of February 2020. Priority registration period is 1st - 30th March 2020.

  • Regular Registration period is 1st - 30th of April 2020.

  • Late registration period will only be open only if there are remaining seats available at the conference, which has limited capacity. Once maximum capacity is reached, Delegates will be unable to register, and may request to be placed on a waitlist.

  • The Conference Dates: 29-30 July 2020 is the UA-MUN Training Workshop. 31 July - 3 August 2020 is UA-MUNC New York (Model UN Conference)

  • The conference venue includes the Grand Hyatt Hotel in New York and the UN Headquarters in New York (provisional). 

  • Disclaimer: The opening/ closing ceremony tentatively planned to take place at the UN HQ in New York may be moved to another location in the unlikely case that the rooms are being used by the United Nations at the day and time. 

  • Note: Names must be provided to United Ambassadors with complete accuracy, exactly as they appear on participants' passports, as without exact name accuracy and passport match, the UN security pass is invalid, and participants will not be permitted to enter the United Nations by UN Security.

3.  Registration Fees and Payment

  • The full amount for each individual delegate application and/ or delegation must be paid in full before the registration deadlines.

  • Financial scholarships are not available for this program.

  • All fees submitted (registration, workshop, socials and/ or accommodation) are entirely non-refundable with no exceptions. The organization will not change the strict "No Refunds" policy under any circumstances, even if requested, to maintain fairness and transparency. 

  • The Organization, United Ambassadors does NOT charge a fee of any kind in exchange for access to United Nations facilities.

  • Early registration fee is $195 per participant. Regular registration fee is $239 per participant. The social package and the UA-MUN Workshop are both available to conference participants at $139and $200 each. Discounted accommodation packages are available at the partnering hotel. 

  • Registration fees and any other fees are in exchange for services developed and offered by the organization and are used to cover the costs incurred to set up, organize and conduct the event. The non-refundable registration fees are in exchange for educational services, tangible conference material, active participation in the committee sessions, receipt of the certificate of participation, as well as various other tangible and non-tangible products and services from the organization.

  • Free access to only the opening/ closing ceremony held at the UN HQ may be offered to a number of guests through direct invitation, with any travel and accommodation costs incurred by the invited individuals, and the free access pass does not include the right to receive any educational training or material, country or committee assignments, participating in committee sessions, and/ or certificates of participation or conference awards.

  • Committee and country assignments are allocated by the organizing committee and academic division based on numerous factors and are non-negotiable. While preferences can be indicated by conference applicants during registration, no preferences of committee/ country assignments can be confirmed or guaranteed.

4.  Invitation Letters (Legal Disclaimers Regarding Visa Applications)

  • Please consider the below carefully before applying to attend UA-MUNC. 

  • United Ambassadors holds conferences and programs across 3 continents (USA, Switzerland, UAE). For every program, before applying, it is the applicant's sole responsibility to secure the necessary documentation and travel Visa to attend the program in the host country. The organization is not responsible for securing a Visa for participants. It is the participant's responsibility to secure the necessary documentation to enter the host country of the conference. This may include and is not limited to: the flight ticket booking, the hotel booking confirmation, proof of student status, proof of employment, bank account size and details, history of travel, proof of marital status, other residencies/citizenship, and more.  

  • Upon request, successful registrants will be issued a Letter of Invitation from United Ambassadors stating the status of their participation at UA-MUNC after a background check. Registrants may use the Letter of Invitation in their visa application process.  For UA-MUNC New York, eligible applicants may apply for a B1/ B2 Tourist Visa to the United States. This Visa is granted by US Embassies to eligible applicants for general purposes including shopping, tourism, and sightseeing. While the organization may issue invitation letters to the conference, it cannot and does not guarantee that the U.S. Embassy will grant the Visa, nor can it guarantee entry into the host country. Conference invitation letters are only supplementary documents and are not the basis of whether an applicant is deemed eligible for a US tourist visa. If the applicant originally did not qualify for a US Visa, no invitation letter can change or impact their application results. All fees remain non-refundable.

  • Applicants are encouraged to begin the visa application process before registering for the conference. Recently, more strict measures have been placed on tourist visas to the United States, particularly from a number of developing countries in West/ South Africa and Central Asia. We strongly recommend that before applying to attend UA-MUNC. applicants carefully review the restrictions, terms, and conditions for  US Visas: 

  • All fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable with no exceptions. United Ambassadors is not responsible for individually contacting embassies on behalf of conference applicants. In the case of Visa application denial, the organization cannot interfere on the applicant's behalf and cannot issue refunds on the premise of Visa rejection. 

  • Tampering with, duplicating, or falsifying original United Ambassadors invitation letters is a federal crime in the United States and worldwide. It is punishable by law locally and internationally through fines, visa revokes, bans, and imprisonment. Previous illegal falsification of original UA invitation letters has led to group visa rejections in Africa and Central Asia.



5. Certificates of Participation and Conference Awards 

  • Certificates of participation will only be issued to delegates, observers and/ or participants who have successfully attended and actively participated in at least 80% of the conference and committee sessions. Delegates who miss more than 20% of the conference cannot and shall not be eligible to receive a certificate of participation.  Certificates will be handed out physically on the last day of committee sessions.

  • Conference Awards may only be granted to officially registered delegates of the conference who have attended all sessions and proven outstanding participation and positive contribution to the discourse of the conference, They are handed out during the closing ceremony at the United Nations.


6. Conference Hotel - Grand Hyatt

  • All participants are welcome to select accommodation of their choosing anywhere in New York City. 
    However, all conference attendees and delegations who choose to stay at the Grand Hyatt (the conference hotel) are required to book accommodation through United Ambassadors. Conference participants may NOT book accommodation at the Grand Hyatt independently, or communicate with the hotel about conference dates independently, due to contractual agreements between United Ambassadors and the conference hotel.


7. Privacy, Footage, and  Intellectual Property

  • United Ambassadors reserves the right to utilize all data submitted by applicants and to collect data in various forms.

  • Any participant of the conference automatically agrees that pictures or videos may be taken of them at any time only by United Ambassador's official media personnel, during the conference and social events without limitations. The organization reserves the right to edit or publish footage during or after the conference at any point in time on any platform without prior notice. This footage may not be requested by participants and cannot be shared without official publication authorization from the organization. 

  • No recording or external media coverage of meetings of the United Ambassadors MUN Conference or other programs is permitted without the explicit prior written consent of the organization's legal division. Any violation of this guideline is unauthorized and shall result in immediate disqualification from present and future conferences by the organization as well as the collection of UN passes of the participants.

  • Intellectual Property: Any and all content, educational material, information, booklets, training manuals, guides, conference publications, presentations, videos, background guides and/ or any form of original, copyrighted material or information derived from this conference is the sole exclusive intellectual property of United Ambassadors, and it may not be shared, disseminated, transmitted, copied, edited, or distributed or used by other conferences under any circumstances, as they are legally owned exclusive property of United Ambassadors.

  • The Organization reserves the right to make updates or changes to this website and the information contained within without prior notice.

  • Participants accept the legal responsibility to ensure that communication with any media outlet worldwide regarding their participation at UA-MUNC, or their access to UN facilities through United Ambassadors is accurate, truthful, and correct. Any misrepresentation, over-representation or inaccurate information circulated to any media outlet (newspaper, TV, radio, magazine, or otherwise) is a legal violation, subject to legal action and right for equitable compensation to United Ambassadors.

  • The social event is a private, closed, exclusive event, where taking pictures or videos of other conference delegates or staff is strictly prohibited unless stated otherwise by management.


8. Liability Waiver

  • Conference participants are responsible for their own safety at all times. High school students or minors attending the conference must be accompanied by an adviser/ adult chaperone to be responsible for their safety. The Organization is not accountable for the supervision of minors and does not accept any liability in that regard.

  • Any form of damage to property, inside or outside of the UN and the hotel, at any point in time, is strictly prohibited, those responsible will be solely responsible for damage compensation, and the organization shall not accept responsibility for it.

  • The organization is legally separate from the content of any discussions that take place within the committees and/ or any views, statements, or anything else expressed by any participant at any point in time.

  • The Organization is not responsible for valuables or personal belongings lost/ left in conference venue, social and cultural events venues or buses and delegates are responsible for 

  • The UN Pass and a valid government-issued photo ID is needed at the time of entry to the United Nations. Delegates must be in compliance with UN Security screening requirements. In case of the loss or misplacement of a United Nations Security Pass, the organization cannot and shall not replace it under any circumstances, and the participant will no longer be able to enter the United Nations or conference facilities or participate in future sessions of the conference.


9. Code of Conduct

  • United Ambassadors is responsible for guaranteeing a diplomatic and respectful environment during all the days of the Conference, from Committee sessions to social and cultural events. Participants agree to accept and abide by the Code of Conduct dictated by the Organizing Team. 

  • Registrants hereby certify that all information submitted during the application process is truthful and accurate. Any falsification of information or impersonation is considered a legal violation.

  • The use of national flags is prohibited during the conference, even if they represent the country assigned to participants.

  • The dress code of UA-MUNC is formal western business attire as per official policy. Participants are requested to observe formal, respectful, appropriate attire at all times during all days of the conference. Formal national/ traditional business attire is permitted in plenary sessions so long as it respects the formality of the event. 

  • The official and only language of UA-MUNC is English and there are no committees conducted in any other language. Delegates must be able to participate fully and comfortably in English language.

  • Any delegates selected to give speeches from a UN podium or any granted awards are to be determined by the organization and the organizing team and the decisions are not negotiable.

  • Diplomacy and decorum are critical throughout the conference at all times inside and outside of committee Delegate and participant code of conduct is expected to be of the highest professional and ethical standard at all times. Mutual respect for peers, staff, guests and all participants is required throughout the experience. Staff code of conduct is expected to be of the highest and strictest professional and ethical standard at all times and to positively reflect on the Organization. Failure to comply with the established code of conduct or any damage to the Organization resulting from said non-compliance can and shall result in proportional professional and/ or legal reprehension. Any content, educational material, footage or any form of information derived from this conference is the sole intellectual property of the Organization and may not be transmitted, copied, edited, or distributed under any circumstances.

  • No plagiarism is tolerated while submitting position papers or drafting resolutions.

  • Zero tolerance policy: United Ambassadors maintains a strict, non-negotiable zero-tolerance policy against any and all forms of racism, discrimination (racial or otherwise), sexual harassment, and the use of inappropriate words, actions, or inuendos. Should any form of the above be reported or discovered, the organization reserves the right to immediately dismiss the perpetrator from any further participation, ban him/ her from any future program, deny him/ her any certificates, revoke any previously issued certificates, and report the matter to his/ her school, academic institution, and legal guardian. 

  • Participants consuming or in possession of alcohol and/or any form of intoxicating drugs/ illicit substances will be immediately suspended from current and future editions of UA-MUNC, and this information will be reported to their academic institution.

  • The Organization reserves the right to deny a registration application, and/ or dismiss any delegate from the conference at any point in time before, or during the conference due to lack of compliance with the code of conduct and with no reimbursement or prior warning.

10. Final Reminders:

•    The conference schedule is always provisional due to its location at the UN for the event ceremonies. 
•    All fees are non-refundable with no exceptions. No scholarships are available.
•    Invitation letters can only be sent after completed registration & payment, in order to substantiate the purpose of the invitation letter., and invitation letters cannot guarantee visas to the host country of the conference



For any further questions on terms and conditions, please contact:


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