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Why United Ambassadors?

United Ambassadors is a world-leading Model United Nations Education Organization that has a mission of building future leaders and global youth citizens through Model United Nations. It is based in New York and the UAE but has a global reach through its program locations, and delegate/staff nationalities.


UA's Position in the MUN Arena

In a world where Model UN is a very popular global activity that hundreds of thousands of students engage with every year, in every corner of the world, United Ambassadors stands as a lighthouse of inspiration, positive impact on the Model UN community, and a platform for looking beyond, and asking new questions. We are from the heart of the Model UN community, now working to serve, enhance, encourage, grow and add value to the Model UN community and the world, through Model UN. 


Global Leader in Model UN Education

UA is a recognized institution with a proven track record. Read more here.


Yes, we believe that MUN can change the world. 
Model United Nations stands as the best youth development platform in the world. We believe in winning, we believe in growing and developing every aspect of a person’s skill set through Model UN, we believe in proving yourself in committee. We believe in aspiring to do a great job in MUN, and outside, always aiming for excellence. We know what it means to research and prepare in order to add value to the next day MUNunmod, we know what it's like to face an audience not knowing how to formulate your next big speech, we know what it means to feel like your efforts were noticed and you were able to stand out in committee, get great post-conference notes, or win an award. We know that being a Secretariat/ Staffer prepares you for advanced roles in corporations or NGOs. We know that MUN can give you confidence in your abilities, and better equip you with the practical tools and expertise to advance your studies or career. 

However, we also know the impact that an MUN journey, stacked with delegate awards and staffing positions, can have on a rising youth leader who is full of hopes, dreams, and potential. 


We believe that MUNers will grow to become not only the leaders of the future but the kinds of leaders who have impact, leaders who can inspire, who can teach, who can better their surroundings. We believe that MUN graduates can grow to become entrepreneurs, scientists, researchers, diplomats, UN officials, government leaders, teachers, doctors, professors, inventors, or stay-at-home moms. And every type of MUN graduate will be more equipped to inspire and influence. We believe that MUNers, can, and will, collectively have a tangible, measurable impact on the progress of humanity, and can, and will, ultimately change the world. These are facts. We know and believe this to be true.


By the Numbers -- Our Global Reach

Global Alumni: Since 2015, over 10,000 students have successfully graduated from United Ambassadors programs. These have included the UA-MUN training workshops held in collaboration with the United Nations, the MUN Academy, the MUN Youth Assembly, and UA-MUNC (the United Ambassadors MUN Conference). Our programs have been held in over 12 cities around the world, including New York, USA, Geneva, Switzerland, London, UK, Dubai, UAE, Moscow, Russia, Kuwait, Cairo, Egypt, and more. 

Graduates of UA-MUNC have entered top schools like Harvard, Stanford, and Columbia. Many have started their own social-impact-driven non-profits.

Global Diversity: To date, United Ambassadors has welcomed delegates and staff from 140+ countries (of residence + nationality) to its various conferences, workshops, training camps, and programs.

Program Locations: Since its inception, United Ambassadors has held training programs, conferences, and workshops in Qatar, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE, Sharjah, UAE, Egypt, Moscow, Russia, London, UK, New York, USA, Geneva, Switzerland, and more.

The UA Website has been visited by over 250,000 viewers from around the world and the numbers of both viewers and subscribers are increasing by the day.  

Social Media: Our combined social media following increases by the hour, and we have engaged nearly 50,000+ followers from every continent, from around the world, on various channels.

International Staff: Our various programs team members cover every continent around the globe.

Success Stories: Our success stories, delegate features, and delegate feedback have consistently demonstrated the extent to which our programs have affected the lives of students, teachers, and youth that are on their way to becoming tomorrow’s leaders.


Our Programs: United Ambassadors is one of the few (if not only) Model UN Organizations in the world that has developed a verified accurate simulation of the United Nations in direct consultation with UN experts and staff who work at each of the simulated committees. Our curriculum has expanded to include unique forums like the International Court of Justice, the Human Rights Council, ECOSOC, the CSW, the HLPF, as well as the GA and Security Council. Our programs have been held at both the UN Headquarters in New York and Geneva. United Ambassadors is a leading Model UN Education organization that has held training workshops in collaboration with the UN education outreach section. And we are proud to offer UA-MUNC Global, our first-ever conference and workshop in a 100% online setting, to welcome delegates from every corner of the globe. 

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