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Success Story in Kuwait - Anjan Sethi- American University of Kuwait

My name is Anjan Sethi, and I'm a student at the American University of Kuwait. I travelled with my delegation from the American University of Kuwait to participate in WIMUN 2015, which was held in New York last November.

It was my very first MUN experience, and was a life changing experience for me. In October 2015, before travelling to New York, my group was provided an extensive 2 day training by United Ambassadors in Kuwait to help us prepare for success at the conference.

The training was lead by Nabila Elassar on behalf of United Ambassadors. The first day was a UN4MUN introduction, and the second was a six hour training session which covered detailed information and workshops on how to succeed at a UN4MUN conference.

This training proved to be very useful in preparing for the conference, and in participating in it. Since it was my first MUN experience, the training made me feel very confident about the conference.

Eventhough this was my first MUN experience, during the closing ceremony, I was awarded the "Diplomacy Award". The fact that I got the award in the United Nations Headquarters makes it even more memorable. I hope to be part of more MUN conferences in the future, and promote the general aim of MUN in Kuwait.

The American University of Kuwait Model UN is a startup and rising MUN club in Kuwait , that has previously sent travel teams to conferences like NMUN and BUMUN. The group that was trained by United Ambassadors, and Ms Nabila Elassar, won 2 awards at WIMUN 2015.


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