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The Leadership Difference at UA-MUNC

What makes the United Ambassadors MUN Conference special? Why should you choose it from a wide array of Model UNs in every corner of the globe?

The obvious response would be “because it offers the world’s most accurate simulation of the United Nations.” But what does that mean for you? And why should you care?

Here's why. Because the world’s most accurate simulation of the UN offered at UA-MUNC enables you to develop the leadership skills needed for success in college, career, and life.

The secret is in our educational philosophy. At United Ambassadors, our mission is to build future leaders and global citizens through Model UN education. This mission is rooted in the fabric of every part of our educational simulation and conference experience.

While I was pursuing a Masters Degree in Education at Stanford University, I worked on refining the learning goals of UA-MUNC at one of classes at the Graduate School of Education . It was called “Curriculum Construction.” Our key learning goal, is leadership development. It lies at the heart of every part of our simulation, and curriculum design process.

united ambassadors uamunc learning goals

Figure 1: Learning Goals. UA-MUN Training Academy.

Two questions come up here.

1- What exactly is “leadership” or, how is it defined at United Ambassadors? 2- How does the UA-MUNC experience develop leadership skills?

First, leadership is subjective, contextual, situational and complex. A simple Google search on "what is leadership" will confirm that there is no single, standard agreed upon definition of what leadership is, or how it is exemplified. However, at United Ambassadors, this is what we believe:

A good leader is empathetic, diplomatic, tolerant towards risk and resistance, and able to drive consensus and collaboration towards a common goal and positive change.

leadership model un

Figure 2: What is leadership? UA-MUN Training Academy.

Second, how is leadership developed at United Ambassadors MUN Conference?

At UA-MUNC, we put on the most #RealMUN experience in the world. Not only by using real UN Rules of Procedure, but through the promotion of authentic, meaningful discussions around relevant topics. Through encouraging consensus and setting objective criteria for conference awards, and through strong focus on leadership skills development.

1- We discuss real issues, that are relevant to youth today, and that are priorities on the UN Agenda.

Aside from basic topics used at most Model UN conferences, United Ambassadors carefully selects topics that will drive meaningful discussions around critical international affairs that many can personally relate to. Our topics in the past have surrounded global sustainable development, fostering peace, thriving in diversity, equity and inclusion, tolerance and diversity, female empowerment, climate action, poverty eradication, and much more. This has always been our legacy, and we will continue to choose topics that will empower our graduates to drive positive change in their societies.

2- We follow real UN Rules of Procedure.

This means that our GA Simulation is real, and current, as well as all the other forums. It is important to note that the United Nations evolves every few years. Therefore, in 2019, the UN is different from 2015, 2010, and so on. UA-MUNC offers a cutting edge simulation of the real UN, reflecting the latest developments in the way negotiations take place within the UN system in all committees.

3- We encourage consensus only in committees that drive for consensus at the real UN.

A common misconception is that all committees in UN4MUN must adopt resolutions by consensus. This is true for forums like the General Assembly or the Economic and Social Council. The International Court of Justice, however, does not require or encourage consensus between judges. The Security Council votes on every resolution, but votes usually take place by “acclamation,” which is unanimous agreement among the 15 SC Member States.

4- We celebrate and recognize active youth engagement with the UN Sustainable Goals.

Since 2015, United Ambassadors has been pioneering initiatives in the Model UN industry that promote youth engagement with the SDGs. The MUN Youth Assembly, which was launched in 2015, has now become #MUN_Action, one of the many committees at UA-MUNC. This is a committee where real conversations around youth engagement with the SDGs take place, and real resolutions are adopted with concrete solutions and action plans that can be implemented in real life.

5- We recognize true leadership through our conference awards.

The Diplomacy Award, Honorable Mention and Delegation Awards at UA-MUNC are granted to delegates who've actively promoted meaningful collaboration and cooperation with others. We search for delegates who demonstrated our leadership qualities: empathy, diplomacy, collaborative problem solving and consensus-based decision making. We recognize those who worked to bring the best out of others.

If you are one of the talented MUNers, who wants to take the next step in leadership skills development, UA-MUNC is the place for you to shine.

Join the most REAL MUN Conference out there. You cannot miss the 2019 edition of UA-MUNC.

Register here today.

UA-MUNC Geneva


United Ambassadors led the development of the world's most accurate simulation of the UN. Committees under development include the UN Human Rights Council, the UNHCR Global Refugees Summit, the ECOSOC Commission on the Status of Women, and the ECOSOC Commission on Science and Technology for Development, in addition to the ICJ, ECOSOC HLPF, GA and Security Council.

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