Coronavirus Update - United Ambassadors

Dear delegates, parents, fellow educators, and friends,

At United Ambassadors, our students' safety, health and well-being is our absolute top priority.

We understand the growing concerns around Coronavirus (COVID-19), which has just been declared by the World Health Organization as a global pandemic.

As a result, we have reached the necessary decision to defer the United Ambassadors MUN Conference in New York, originally scheduled for July 2020, to new dates in 2021.

A new conference in the United States will tentatively be announced for the fall of 2020.

United Ambassadors was founded on the mission to unite students from all over the world in a development platform that prepares them for bright futures in leadership & diplomacy. Our mission is to change the world through education. We love our work and are committed to staying true to our mission.

For our upcoming conferences, here is how we are making sure our participants are safe:

1. Any new US-based conferences will be scheduled for fall 2020, when the virus spread is expected by some experts to be at its lowest after the summer months.

2. Strict limitations will be placed on the number, quota, and flight origin of international students and travel restrictions (if any) at the time will be followed.

3. All students are mandated to follow all prevention techniques and safety measures recommended by the World Health Organization as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

4. A health and safety liability waiver must be signed by all participants before the conference.

5. Informative health and safety videos and resources will be provided before and during the conference.

6. The conference will be conducted while U.S. schools are actively in session and will abide by all State mandated health regulations.

7. If necessary, online participation will be made possible.

At times like this, it is important to remember that calmness, rationality, and optimism must overcome fear, anxiety and hopelessness.

While we cannot predict the future, we can take every measure today to mitigate all possible risk and protect our students.

We are in this together, to do the right thing, with your best interest and well-being in mind.

I wish you the very best in these times.

Stay safe, and stay positive.


Nabila Elassar,

Founder & CEO, United Ambassadors.

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