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Success Story from Egypt - Ahmed Bektash

My name is Ahmed Bektash, I'm an engineering student at the German University in Cairo. My Model UN experience started with GUCMUN. In my freshman year, I took part in an IMF council where I represented USA and won the best delegate award. Later, I represented Venezuela at the GUCMUN security council, and I am intending to to participate in this year's GUCMUN Human Rights Council. My latest MUN experience was at WIMUN 2015, GA2nd , as a delegate for Ukraine. This was quite a rewarding experience, espcecilly after winning the diplomacy award.

My experience with UNITED AMBASSADORS has been very informative. The UN4MUN training our delegation recieved by UA was quite detailed and I learnt a lot about both the UN and MUN in general which helped me a lot during my research and in the understanding of how things work at a UN4MUN conference. The trainer (Nabila) was very friendly and keen on making our experience memorable even during the conference.

The WIMUN-NYC experience was hugely beneficial for me in terms of council experiences, knowledge or future career choices. I really enjoyed the conference and felt that I can invest all my effort very productively and it paid off as I won a diplomatic award in the closing ceremony which was needless to say a moment of personal actualization to say the least. As for my back home experience I'm sure any future MUN experience will be influenced by this one and in that sense I hope I can carry this knowledge forward to the next generation of delegates.

The German University in Cairo Model United Nations is now in its 8th year and running. The students who attened the United Ambassadors UN4MUN training, and were recruited to WIMUN 2015 by Nabila Elassar, are all either alumni, or current students of this Model, herself included.

The group that travelled to WIMUN 2015 were headed by Mohamed Albdelalim, who served as Vice President of the General Assembly.


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