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Success Story from Kuwait - Seba Al-Derbas

My name is Seba Al-Derbas. Im currently studying at Kuwait University, majoring in Law, and I am an alumnus of The Proteges program in Kuwait.

Before going to the WIMUN conference in New York, I did not have any previous MUN experience. United Ambassadors provided our delegation with a full-day UN4MUN training, which was very informative, and helped us grasp the basics we needed, as many of us were first time MUNers. This pushed us to work harder for this conference.

The overall experience was amazing. It really made me grow as a person. I learned how to use my voice and speak out when my country needs something, and how I can negotiate diplomatically with other countries, and how to make everyone while making a deal happy (aka - reaching consensus).

Kuwait's International Law Society, Kuwait University, in a picture with Nabila Elassar, founder of United Ambassadors, after the completion of their full day MUN (UN4MUN) training. This group later travelled to WIMUN 2015. One of their members, Sara Al-Turki, spoke at the UN Headquarters. Two of their members were featured on Kuwait TV to talk about this experience. And Seba Al-derbas and Wadha J Al-Dabbous, Proteges Alumni, also participated in WIMUN as part of this delegation.


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