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Success Story of a UAE Rising Star - Omar AlMutawa

My name is Omar Al Mutawa and I study at the American University of Sharjah (AUS). I am honored to be serving a second term as Secretary-General of AUSMUN.

I started MUN in secondary school. Since then I have been involved with roughly 15 conferences. The highlight of my college MUN career was attending WIMUN 2015, NMUN-NY 2015 and NMUN-NY 2014, among other conferences. I was Head Delegate of my delegation to NMUN 2015.


We were privileged to receive UN4MUN training from United Ambassadors. Nabila's workshop was one of the most extensive and useful MUN training sessions I have ever attended. It was truly well-devised, having covered every single important skill or detail and presenting it in a highly interactive manner. My delegation truly grasped UN4MUN - a completely different procedure. This included our beginner delegates, who excelled at the conference we attended.

Although awards are nice to have, and I have earned some, they do not signify success for me. I feel 'successful' with what I can do with the recognition I receive. I highly value bringing back my experiences and giving back to the community. I take pleasure in discussing MUN with prospective friends, colleagues and even strangers. It is a very useful activity as it activates a myriad of skills, ranging from verbal and written communication to research, and diplomacy (networking, negotiation) to professionalism. On top of that, you learn about the UN system, global issues and different countries' foreign policies. It's a great all-in-one package, if you will, and I love efficiency!

Omar Almutawa,

holding his diplomacy award, at WFUNA International MUN 2015.

The American University of Sharjah Model United Nations is a rising star in the Middle East Model UN landcape. The Model's current members and alumni attended a United Ambassadors Training in October 2015. The group that travelled to WIMUN 2015, had delegates who spoke at the GA, served as Presidents of the Security Council, and won a diplomacy award. They were also featured in UAE newspapers, and continue to drive the way for MUN in the UAE, the region, and hopefully, the world.


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