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Success Story from Egypt! Rising Star, Mohab Kaddah, from GUCMUN.

My name is Mohab Kaddah. I am a Senior Networks Engineering Major at the German University in Cairo. My MUN experience began in late 2012, when I joined GUCMUN as part of the Logistics Team, with little knowledge about the nature of work and values of such an organization, I started what might be the turning point in my college life. Fascinated by the amount of knowledge, topics discussed and targets set, and worked towards to achieve by an organization such as the UN, to ensure a better world for everyone, I decided that I want to engage more and learn as much as I can, so that I may be part of this, one day. In the following years, I went through the delegate and secretariat experiences. It's been 4 years, I am now head of my model, and all I can say is that, it is only the beginning.

United Ambassadors approached me, as well as other members from GUCMUN as part of the UA GUCMUN delegation from Egypt, to participate in WIMUN's conference, which took place in the United Nations' Headquarters in New York. Once the councils/committees and delegations were assigned, I found out that I will be representing the Unites States of America in the Security Council.

Before travelling to New York, I participated in pre-conference training sessions by United Ambassadors, which iterated the goal behind holding such an international conference, and explained the UN4MUN rules of procedures used in WIMUN. Another council-specific training was held onsite to highlight the differences between the rules of procedure in Security Council and other committees/councils. These training sessions showed the major (and minor) differences between both UN4MUN rules of procedures used in WIMUN and the one used in GUCMUN and the reason behind using both. They also showed an in-depth definition and practice of the nature of work in the Security Council.

The UN4MUN approach we saw at WIMUN was definitely an eye opener. UN4MUN offered a rather detailed approach on how the UN operates in terms of structure, operations and sessions’ procedures, as well as a clearer insight on the United Nations’ vision and goals, and the daily efforts of the UN officials, and delegates towards achieving them. Participating in such a Model (UN4MUN) naturally influenced some changes I believed were necessary in our Model back home, to ensure a better understanding and proper delivery of the message of the United Nations to the students who want to learn more about it.

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