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Interview with KabulMUN - Model United Nations in Afghanistan.

Yahya Qanie, currently a 22-year-old student living in Kabul, Afghanistan, is trying to organize the first Kabul Model United Nations conference in Afghanistan. Yahya is now majoring in Literature at Kabul University and Law at Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University. For the past few years, he has been volunteering in numerous organizations promoting peace, human rights, gender equality and international studies. While enjoying what he has been doing, he would now like to take a huge step further by organizing the first world-class MUN conference in Kabul, which offers a great chance to reach out to international politics as well as serve for others.

“We, the team of KabulMUN 2016 consists of a group of bright young leaders including females, and are determined to positively make changes to the society.”

There are many goals and values that Yahya and his team is looking forward to carrying out in KabulMUN. For the past 15 years, the new generation of Afghanistan has shown their potential to engage themselves in large scale decision making, with thousands of youths graduating from law, political science, or international relations. Therefore, with their strong motivations and energy, MUN conference must be introduced to provide them an experience in diplomacy and leadership. Furthermore, it will help youths from Afghanistan to get more connected with other regional countries. Yahya believes that KabulMUN is not merely a conference, but a fundamental investment for the future leaders and diplomats.

Nevertheless, starting a new conference is never easy, with endless challenges coming from different sides. Fortunately, they have successfully complete fundamental progresses—having a registered professional organizing team, official websites and social media being active, application form and training workshop being prepared, working with international MUNs, and so on. “I’m really proud of my team!” said Yahya, who is so glad to work with his amazing professional teammates.

In the near future, Yahya is determined to keep promoting MUN throughout the whole country, hoping to organize a larger MUN conference in Kabul, or even an international one. Also, he would like to join United Ambassadors (UA) and participate in international MUN with his team to proudly share what his team has done, and how UA has helped. Meanwhile, Yahya plans to apply for master degrees and keep on studying international relations, which is important and interesting for him. As a successful youth who dare to dream, Yahya hopes to create more opportunities for Afghanistan to grow and improve. “I dream for a peaceful world without wars, discrimination, hunger, and inequality.”

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