So, what exactly is an "Everyday Ambassador"?

Proudly standing as highly as possible on our page are the words "I am an Everyday Ambassador". This slogan is the birth place of all our work in Model United Nations, and continues to be the ultimate vision and core purpose of United Ambassadors. But what does that mean? What exactly is an Everyday Ambassador? And how does that relate to Model United Nations? As simple as the question is, as complex its answer can be.

According to, an Ambassador is: "a diplomatic official of the highest rank sent by a government to represent it", "a diplomatic official serving as permanent head of a country's mission to the United Nations or some other international organization", or "an authorized messenger or representative". The position of delegate is the primary building block of an MUN career. In Model United Nations, we role play as "Ambassadors" all the time, the equivalent of "delegates" in Model UN simulations.

"An Everyday Ambassador is an experienced Model United Nations veteran committed to applying MUN Values and utilizing MUN skills in everyday life"

What are the Building Blocks of an "Everyday Ambassador"?

1. Representative of an identity. An ambassador is the diplomatic representative of a nation. An everyday ambassador is the social representative of an identity. They can be representatives of a particular value, issue, cause or even nationality, depending on the context they are in. They are able to positively project on their identity or issue. In other words: capable of connecting externally, in conjunction with resolving internally.

2. Believer in education, Model UN and the power of youth. An actual ambassador believes in the power of the United Nations and International Organizations in changing the world. An everyday ambassador, firmly and deeply believes in the potential of educational activities like Model United Nations in inspiring youth, and believes in the much more profound impact youth can have on changing the world.​

3. Does not want to work at the United Nations. More often than not, you find that students of International Relations join MUN to get one step closer to working at the UN or an International Organization. That is great. But, an everyday ambassador essentially, does not want to work at the United Nations, does not want to work in politics, or be part of political movements. But rather wants to be an everyday social catalyst for positive influence or societal reform. That is a key distinction.

4. Highly skilled & qualified. An "everyday ambassador", ideally, cares about the Best Delegate Award as well! By that, we are referring to a person who is driven, motivated, qualified and cares about exemplifying success, wherever that may be. They do not necessarily have to enjoy the sense of competition, but are capable of excelling in competitive environments, if need be. In Model UN context, the most influential people, most definitely must have been award winning delegates at some point. And as chairs, they are loved chairs. And as organizers, they are good organizers. They are capable of proving tangible success. Not perfection, but recognizable success.

5. Influential: An Ambassador is a trained and extraordinary diplomat who can engage in bilateral negotiations on critical issues and ensure their country's views are taken into account at the United Nations. An everyday ambassador however, is someone who has the very special gift of: influence. This influence could personality related, a skill this person is inherently gifted with. It can also be acquired, through slow build up of respect among colleagues, through the incremental collection of information, experience or knowledge. Influence is not the same thing as authority, and it's what enables leaders to manage without authority.

6. Application in Model United Nations. In Model United Nations, an everyday ambassador would be someone who started a new MUN club or initiative even though it did not previously exit, despite various difficulties and led it to success. A Secretary-General who transformed a Model and left his successors with a legacy to protect. An MUN leader who launched an Arabic, UN4MUN or new language committee within a new or existing Model UN conference structure. A person who can create and maintain a cohesive MUN team, and inspire through MUN. A qualified MUNer who can influence and convince other qualified MUNers.

7. Application in Real Life. After developing countless skills and values through the wonderful experience of Model United Nations, an everyday ambassador would continue to remember their MUN journey, and apply, utilize or spread the skills and values learnt throughout their MUN experience in the work place, in random conversations, in everyday interactions, in everyday life. No microphones, no suits, no podium, no placard. Just, life.. as after all, most do move on after Model United Nations. But that does not mean we cannot be delegates, without the committee room.

​That, is an Everyday Ambassador.

What are Model United Nations Values?

MUN can have everyday interactions that build memories throughout generations. Below are some of the values I believe long term and diverse Model UN experiences can develop throughout an MUN career and lifetime.


Diplomacy (skill & value).

Fully understanding opposing points of view and being able to stand up for both, equally, if needed (something learnt in Model UN - skill and value).

Objective fact based analysis. (skill and value).

Respect for and appreciation of diversity.

Global awareness & cross-cultural sensitivity.

Commitment to constructive negotiation.

Ability to undergo meaningful debate.

Challenging stereotypes and social definitions.

Thinking beyond the committee room.

Caring about the award, but also ability to see beyond the placard and the award.

True concern and care for the status, welfare and progress of the Earth we share as human beings.

What are Model United Nations Skills?

Unlike other extra-curricular activities, MUN can develop a diverse array of critical skills that challenge various sides of a persons charact