So What's the Verdict? Can MUN Really Change the World?

A record-breaking moment in history took place in the UN General Assembly Hall on August 26th, 2016. Delegates from all around the world gathered at the MUN 2016 Youth Assembly, as we officially announced the results of prior 3 day long discussions on the theme: Can Model United Nations Change the World?

This is a recap of the very first Model United Nations Youth Assembly at the United Nations Headquarters, a unique project launched by United Ambassadors. To see the executive summary of content discussed and proposals raised, please see here.

1) Diversity of Participants: Delegates, staff & observers from over 100 countries of origin + residence took part in this MUN Assembly. They included: The United States, Canada, Jordan, Lebanon, France, Portugal, The United Kingdom, The United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar, The Republic of Korea, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, Switzerland, The Russian Federation, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Singapore, The Philippines, Ghana, Cuba, Colombia, Mexico, The Dominican Republic, Romania, Croatia, Lithuania, China, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, Tanzania, Bolivia, Malaysia, Brazil, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Palestine, Morocco, Indonesia, Cyprus, Kenya, and more. The delegates are those who contributed to the discussions within committee rooms and drafted the resolution. The staff are the organizers of the event, and the observers were last minute registrants who attended our last day’s closing plenary in the GA Hall to hear the results. All participants were quite diverse in many areas including age range (15-28), MUN experience, spoken languages, field of education and personal background.

2) “Global MUN Strategy” Topics: All topics at this Assembly revolved around Model United Nations, and various recommendations and insights that revolve around it. These MU strategy topics were divided into Sustainable Development Goal integration within Model UN conferences, educational programs and activities by Model UN youth leaders, and structural MUN reform like Multilingual MUN, UN4MUN and MUN procedures around the world. To review the background guides, click here.

3) Held entirely inside the UN: The inaugural MUN 2016 Youth Assembly was held entirely inside of the UN Headquarters for 4 full days, 9 AM to 6 PM, in which our participants convened in the Economic and Social Council, various Conference Rooms and the United Nations General Assembly Hall. This is the longest an MUN related event has ever taken inside of the United Nations. In total, 81 (eighty one) hours were booked,including nine hours inside the UN General Assembly Hall.

4) 66* Speeches delivered from a podium at the UN HQ: A Model UN Record.

56* statements were made by selected delegates and secretariat, who had an opportunity to deliver a speech from the podium of either the ECOSOC or General Assembly at the United Nations Headquarters, in addition to 10 UN speakers who delivered statements to the participants throughout the event. The combined number of 60 speeches at the UN, is quite a record for a Model UN related conference. This ordinarily does not occur in regular 4 day Model UN conferences, due to limited time available inside of the UN HQ.