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Success Story from Kuwait - Basil Mattar - MUN Academy Graduate.

My name is Basil Mattar, and I'm a junior at the American University of Kuwait. I participated in United Ambassadors' Summer Academy in July 2016. It was my second MUN experience, but my first real one!

The MUN Academy's program was all-encompassing. It contained workshops that taught us about the different types of MUNs, such as UN4MUN and North American (Traditional) MUN, via practice sessions, lectures, and discussions.

My favorite part was the Back to the Future Crisis Committee, as it was bizarre and challenging because the participants were assigned to be delegates of Multinational Corporations, NGOs, and other large firms instead of nation-states. While this committee did not fully utilize the UN4MUN platform, it did require us to reach consensus before writing out a resolution. I was thrilled to play a big role in the negotiations preceding the resolution writing. The final conference was therefore, truly exhilarating.

It was my first experience with a similar platform, yet I managed to consistently participate thanks to the intensive workshops held prior. My skills in negotiation, networking, and resolution writing greatly improved thanks to the MUN Academy's program which set in place a concrete foundation on which more experience will be built.

Following the academy, I became a board member of the MUN club at the American University of Kuwait, and will be participating in at least two more MUNs within the next few months. I look forward to assist in making Kuwait more relevant on the world stage in terms of MUN. All thanks are due to Ms. Nabila El-Assar and other wonderful people who'd helped organize the Summer Academy.

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