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Success Story from Kuwait - MUN Academy Graduate - Sara Alotaibi

My name is Sara AlOtaibi. I an currently studying at the American University of Kuwait. I joined the MUN Academy during the summer of this year that was held in my university. That was my first time joining the MUN Academy. The experience was very rewarding and I loved that it was made as fun as possible. My favorite part was when we had the workshop called "The Superhero Clash". We had to be divided into two groups and discuss our plans and present it. It was really fun and at the same time it was a good learning experience.

I truly enjoyed the final conference: The Back to the Future Crisis Committee. The most challenging one was when I had to represent Mexico in a practice MUN conference, it was challenging because of the position of Mexico towards the topic which was about North Korea. Lastly the highlight of it all is definitely the final conference where we displayed all the skills that we learned and also the topic was very interesting.

Through the MUN Academy, I felt that my skills in public speaking, writing and my knowledge about the United Nations has increased. I am very thankful to receive positive comments from the staff and they told me to continue on doing more MUN activities. I also felt inspired after the Academy, I felt that I have gained more self confidence especially in public speaking. I didn't receive any awards but I did got more important things which are the different skills that I learned that can help me not just in MUN but also generally in life.

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