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Success Story - UAE MUN Academy Graduate - Yash Adnani

My name is Yash. I'd just graduated high school in Dubai when I joined the United Ambassadors MUN Summer Academy at New York University Abu Dhabi. I had previously attended a couple of MUNs hosted by my school - The Indian High School, Dubai. The academy was a great learning experience. Although I had previously attended MUNs, I learnt so many more advanced techniques and discovered areas where I could really do with some improvement. At the end of the academy I realized that MUN is so much more than just competition. It's about networking, working together, and ultimately making a difference.

My favorite part of the workshop were the exercises we did on the second day - Clash of the Superheroes & Champion of Poles among others. The highlight of my experience is the great people I met - including Nabila, Alexia and Ann - our trainers ! I really enjoyed the final conference, which helped reinforce the skills we had learnt over the past few days of the academy.

The crisis we were given had a very interesting theme and twist to it that made debating and decision making an extremely interesting process. I really feel like I developed some advanced skills and improved on some of my weak areas. The feedback I received from the trainers was very encouraging and inspired me to make an effort to improve on my shortcomings and realize the true value of MUNning as a life skill. I will definitely pursue MUN in the future - at university level and beyond too.

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