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Success story from Kuwait - MUN Academy Graduate - Mariam Behbehani

My name is Mariam Behbehani. I am a master's degree holder, in economics from Kuwait University. I'm also a graduate of the American University of Kuwait with a bachelor's degree in economics. I joined the United Ambassadors MUN Academy in Kuwait during the summer of 2016. I'v never had any MUN experience before joining MUN academy in Kuwait. My experience at Kuwait MUN summer academy is one of the most enriching, beneficial, and exciting experiences that I have been through. I had the opportunity to develop the MUN set skills that are intrinsically practiced in my career, education, and daily life. Also, I had the chance to learn in depth about the United Nations, its divisions, programs, and the way it functions.

What I liked most about the training sessions is the combination between the practical and theoretical parts of the MUN set skills. My favorite training workshop is the "Super Hero" exercise were I have developed my skills in public speaking, negotiating, and synthesizing ideas all in one training exercise. The most challenging albeit exciting workshop is the final mini simulation of MUN conference. It is an unforgettable educational experience that combined all MUN skills of public speaking, negotiating, debating, researching, and writing in one full day MUN mini conference. I can highlight my MUN experience in one sentence: The MUN training program is an educational experience that have a persistent positive impact on ones life.

I enjoyed the final conference: The Back to the Future Crisis Committee on the Sustainable Development Goals very much. My skills in public speaking, negotiating, debating, writing, and ability to conduct pre-conference preparations were thoroughly developed during the days of training and successfully applied during the one-day conference.

I also received a positive feedback of noticed improvements in my MUN skills during the days of training, and I was encouraged to participate at international MUN conferences. After my MUN training, I definitely feel more confidence in my MUN skills to be a potential participant in official MUN conferences.

After the MUN Academy, I wasn't only inspired by the valuable knowledge exchange between the participants, but also with the trainers' passion towards MUN. I consider my successful completion of the MUN training program an award to my education, profession, and personal life.

And in specific, I have received an excellent assessment from my work place for writing a resolution inspired by MUN resolutions. Also, having the MUN training experience appearing on my personal resume is a great plus to my educational and career life.

Mariam Behbehani,

United Ambassadors MUN 2016 Academy Graduate, Kuwait.

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