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Press Release - MUN-YA 2017 Day 2 - Committee 3 on Global Citizenship

23 August 2017-The committee commenced its session with an impactful word from Ms. Antje Watermann, UN Academic Impact and Education Outreach Division, at the United Nations’ Department of Public Information, New York.

As part of the SDG’s action plan of Fostering Global Citizenship, Ms Antea highlighted the grave importance of Multilingualism in the United Nations and its pivotal role in ensuring global mindedness and policy of inclusion. Additionally, the pivotal role of education and consequent academic impact in avoiding intolerance was also addressed.

In an effort to undertake the work of the reform program, the honorable delegates have discussed government cooperation and the ratification of legislature that shuns culturally institutionalized exclusion behaviors.

As a way forward, the representatives will explore options of modifying education systems to accommodate progressive curricula that nurture a culture of tolerance and encourage inter-societal cooperation.

The honorable members of the committee aim to utilize the platform that Model United Nations’ conferences to promote global citizenship through events such as ant-racism days. On the same note, an effort will be made to incorporate press capacities in raising awareness on the importance of tolerance.

In the coming days, possible solutions such as the annexation of NGO capabilities to support anti-racism efforts

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