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Press Release-MUN YA 2017-Committee 1

23 August 2017- The first session of Committee 1 of 2017’s MUN Youth Assembly started with a provocative speech from committee secretary Agnese Cigliano about what can MUN actually do regarding the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) implementation in the global community. She talked about the importance of directing the focus of Model UN conferences to the content in debate and to the change that they can make in the world while addressing the SDGs. The secretary also emphasized the relevance of historic Resolution 2250 by the UN Security Council, which broaches the subjects of youth, peace and security.

The Sustainable Development Goals were adopted in 2016 by world leaders as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, being pointed out as “17 goals to transform our world”. As a follow-up to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the SDGs were more practical, detailed goals that came with a plan of action for nations to achieve progress and grow less poor, more equal and united societies.

During the two sessions of the day, the delegates were very passionate about the topic in question, highlighting the importance of education as a main mechanism towards development. “Education is the most powerful weapon in the world”, declared Indian delegate Rahul Wagh.

Distinguished delegate AbdulRazaq Al Sane, from Kuwait, talked about how one of MUN’s big strengths is its ability to give the students an identity, as a representative of a state, for example, thus representing a group of values, a culture and a people. He also stated that the internet is a central tool for youth today, as a facilitator for free speech and expression of self identity, defending it should be used to spread awareness on the SDGs.

In her turn, Romanian delegate Miruna Tutuianu, representing the UN Youth Association of Romania, declared that governments are not always very supportive of the MUN activity, suggesting that Model UN look for partnerships with other organizations that are the “real actors” to actually make change happen.

Melissa Buxade, from Mexico, representing Instituto Oriente, made statements about the importance of impacting the local communities: “Doing small things can impact the world if we all do them”.

Many other delegates addressed the topic of education and underlined the need to increase investment in quality education, especially to the youth, as a long-term way of achieving SDGs. Representants also talked about creating programs and policies to raise visibility to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Abdullah Issahaq, observer delegate, epitomized the committee’s spirit with the words: “We should not leave this conference not making SDGs a reality”.

Indeed, that’s what we all hope for.


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