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Press Release- MUN YA 2017- Day 2- Committee 2

23 August 2017- The 2017 United Ambassadors Youth Assembly conference begins today in New York with the participation of young delegates from all over the world. The conference is a platform for MUN leaders to discuss ways in which Model United Nations Communities can actively work with the United Nations for the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Global Development. Committee 2 addresses SDG #5: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.


Delegates who took part in this committee come from states which include Mexico, Switzerland, France, Hong Kong, China, UAE, Pakistan, Colombia, and Russia. Discussions in this committee will consider the current disadvantages facing women around the world in their everyday lives. The delegates will be focusing on how Model UN can be used as a platform to empower women to be involved in the workforce. Difficulties in Model UN leadership positions will be tackled and solutions will be proposed by the participating members.

The committee session opened with guest speaker Monika Remé, the communication analyst for UN Women who expressed hope that the delegates will gear their focus on strategies aimed to achieve solutions to women's empowerment within Model UN. Her elaboration on the importance of targeting both governments and civil societies in order to change laws related to gender equality. Monika suggested that engaging men into programs of empowerment would lead results, as well as working with religious authorities in more ritual societies as some ways to prevent discrimination and unconscious gender bias. Abhilasha Singh, the secretary of the committee, brought to light the work being done by platforms such as He4She and how the programs all over the world need to include young men and boys to be effective in implementation and achieve a higher success rate.

Afterwards, the committee session moved forward with a UN4MUN training session led by Abhilasha. She introduced the UN4MUN procedure to the delegates, by explaining the phases involved and comparing it to typical MUN procedure which most delegates were more familiar with.

The delegate statements were next on the schedule. Most delegates brought up familiar and interesting topics related to women empowerment during their introductory statements. The delegates gave strong emphasis to the importance of education in both developing and developed countries, and addressing the persistent gap between men and women. The proposals made include placing a greater investment in women, encouraging governments to take initiative, making women aware of their rights, and making sure the resolution is inclusive to all participating countries of the committee.

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