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Press Release - MUN YA 2017- Day 2- Committee 4

23 August 2017-The 2017 United Ambassadors Youth Assembly conference begins today in New York with the participation of young delegates from all over the world. The conference is a platform for MUN leaders to discuss ways in which Model United Nations Communities can actively work with the United Nations for the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Global Development. Committee number 4 addresses SDG number 13: Climate Action.

Delegates who took part in this committee come from states which include United Kingdom, China, UAE, Pakistan, Colombia, and Canada. The committee will focus on discussing youth awareness and activity on climate change, specifically within Model UN. The delegates aim to emphasize on ways in which Model UN communities can effectively foster awareness on and encourage action towards mitigating climate change.

The conference opened with the committee secretary, Allen Yan, debriefing the committee on UN4MUN training and procedure. He lead the training with reference to real United Nations Procedures and phases, comparing it to the typical Model United Nations procedure most delegates are used to with emphasis on the five lines of action. He also explained the fortunate rise in accessibility of MUN world-wide and abroad opportunities, and the importance of the growth of UN4MUN.

Afterwards, the schedule preceded to the delegates opening statements. Topics intersecting between delegates included the importance of the inclusion of the younger generation in taking action to resolve the issue of climate change, and the importance of discussing ways in which MUN can reform to include strategies to make the conference more Green. The delegate of Canada discussed the difference between developed and developing countries and their lack of awareness on climate issues. It was agreed upon that in order to produce change, we must be aware of the issue, and avoid adapting to it.

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