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Youth Assembly Committee on MUN Reform Open 2017 Session in New York

The session was inaugurated under Agenda item1: Enhancing the accuracy of Model UN in simulating the real United Nations - UN4MUN, Multilingualism, and Alternative MUN Platforms. The discussion was initiated with a distinguished opening word from the honorable representative of the delegation of Lithuania, Mr. Benjamin.

The role of UN4MUN in maintaining an accurate and immaculate simulation of the real UN was addressed. The critical concern of the waning of Model United Nations popularity amongst students with the launch of UN4MUN was highlighted and viable solutions were brought to the table of discussion. The plan of Action as proposed included aggregating the capacity of training conduction on Rules of Procedures and securing the availability of accessibility of educational material to the disabled population.

As part of the MUN reform scheme, the honorable representatives have discussed at length the possibility of gearing Model United Nations platforms towards diplomacy rather than competition to encourage a welcoming environment to diverse participants. In order to further extend the efforts of promoting a policy of inclusion, key steps such as expanding to offer sessions in all six official United Nations languages and instant translation according to requirement.

A key step that the committee members will explore is offering online consultations to those of limited financial and physical capacities.

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