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Press Release- MUN YA 2017-DAY 3- Committee 1

24 August, 2017-Continuing yesterday’s session on Model UN advocacy for the SDGs, Committee 1 of the MUN Youth Assembly 2017 got the job done. Today’s meeting started with informal/informal debate, as delegates consulted each other about the possible alterations to the draft resolution that was produced during previous sessions. The informal procedure applied made it easier for delegates to freely discuss their projects and rapidly expose suggestions.

Informal debate followed the Vienna Formula format, in which delegates were divided in three political groups that discussed and negotiated subtopics directly related to the subject in question, fostering ideas suitable to their specific points of view and cultures. As the Committee had an evident sense of unity, groups usually would share ideas with one another and little to no trouble was found regarding the cultural and personal differences. Next, representants were able to merge their different clauses into one resolution which comprises interests of the diversity of groups present in the meeting.

The afternoon sessions were driven by comments to a mature document, already comprehending the clauses made by several delegates and, in the spirit of the UN4MUN objectives, consensually put together. The tabled resolution was finalized soon enough and revised through Line by Line Review, through which the representants could analyze the document as a whole and to their last change and observations, what actually occurred with no major alterations.

By the end of the day, delegates accomplished to approve a resolution by consensus, broaching a variety of topics. From general promotion and advertisement of SDGs to more specific and practical solutions, they covered all the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in one three-paged document.

It was not a surprise that education took a pivotal role in the resolution, as it was already one of the main subjects addressed in the earliest sessions of the committee since Day 1. The goal was to promote the SDGs since childhood to maximize the awareness on them, with the example of animated videos and educative commercials. Youth and adults are not excluded from the Resolution, as there are clauses addressing the need to expose the SDGs in public places, movie theaters, bus stops etc.

Apart from that, delegates also considered developing workshops, establishing partnerships with NGOs and other relatable institutions, creating volunteering opportunities, instituting scholarships and stimulating recycling and other green initiatives.

Above all, the committee reflected one of the leading principles of UN4MUN and United Ambassadors: the search for consensus. Delegates always found their way around difficulties to make sure they included one another and were able to smoothly find a common ground, leading to a resolution that stood out for its simplicity, yet for its completude.

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