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Press Release- MUN YA 2017- DAY 3- Committee 2

24 August, 2017-The session today went to order after a brief informal/formal session to discuss ideas which were in debate on August 23rd’s committee session. The delegates were separated into groups in order to work on separate resolutions which were then merged into a single comprehensive resolution encompassing all the delegates opinions and/or concerns.

The preambles consisted of the acknowledgment of the sustainable development goal #5 of achieving gender equality and women's empowerment, and the appreciation for some countries efforts and advancements in women's rights. In addition, expressing concern over specific statistics proving the persistent existence of gender inequality and lack of education for women worldwide. The delegates also recognized the existence of gender bias, and the importance of having governmental, intergovernmental, and non-governmental support for women's rights, agreements, commissions, and policies.

The resolution consisted of 9 elaborate clauses proposing solutions and ideas to aid the UN in accomplishing equal gender rights through Model UN organizations. Some of these clauses entail placing a lot of focus on education in various forms. The first is on men education on the importance of gender balancing in politics. As explained, this will “prepare themselves to support the advancement of women in politics through introducing gender education in schools..etc”. In addition, establishing high quality education to elementary students onwards on women's struggles and the value of their rights would decrease unconscious gender bias and discrimination in the long run.

The delegates third clause explains an elaborate proposal to start an International Student Organization for the Equality of Women and Men which would consist of four bodies based in universities worldwide. These four bodies include a Campaigning body promoting, informing and encouraging gender equality; a Legal Body in charge of actively defending and speaking out for the legal rights of students suffering from gender discrimination; a Funding Body to financially provide women the opportunity to participate in educational conferences world-wide, such as Model UN; and a Partnership Body which would attempt to establish close partnerships with private sectors in order to provide equal opportunities and internships to woman.

Furthermore, the committee suggests Model UN clubs to adopt a socio-economic plan which helps women develop their entrepreneurship skills, including an international platform recognizing and sponsoring women's initiative plans. Moreover, they recommend inputting gender equality topics within committee sessions of Model UN simulations, as well as creating clubs catered towards specific topics of gender inequality, in order to increase awareness and understanding of gender rights issues. The idea of keeping track of statistical research and surveys was also proposed and is hoped to be coordinated with the United Ambassadors for publishing the data.

Finally, the delegates hope to instigate an international non-governmental organization named “UN Connect” with the hope that the organization would co-work with UN woman to communicate and partner with political institutions/governments in certain countries that have not received aid, and act as an “agent” for these countries.

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