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Press Release- MUN YA 2017- DAY 3- Committee 3

24 August 2017 -In an effort to document yesterday’s dialogue on the role of the model United Nations in fostering global citizenship, the committee re-convened to undertake drafting a resolution pertaining to the aforementioned agenda.

The distinguished delegates of the committee opened the perambulatory clauses of the resolution by rehashing the 17 sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, specifically goal #16 which reiterated the importance of fostering global citizenship and building peaceful and inclusive societies worldwide.

Following the same train of thought, the resolution shuns and strongly condemns all acts of xenophobia, anti-Semitism, Racism and all forms of intolerance. Likewise, it offers deep condolences at the tragedy of Charlottesville and strongly denounces it for it promotes a culture of intolerance and violence. Additionally, it poses an urgent threat to the future of multiculturalism in modern day society.

The committee resolution also expresses concern about the alarming number of forcibly displaced citizens around the world which has risen to 65.6 million, 34% of which are immigrants as per the latest statistic. That fact naturally hints at an unstable and insecure environment.

As part of the operative action plan, the resolution is set to take steps to instigate values empathy, tolerance and respect through nursery and school programmes specifically designed to achieve these ends. Furthermore, it highlights the grave importance of believing in applying these specifically designed programs in altering cultures and promoting the principles of an inclusive society.

Finally, it emphasizes that children are the beacon of the future of all humanity and effort must be directed towards offering more education opportunities that sponsors an open culture which in turn makes a positive move in the way of fostering global citizenship.

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