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Press Release- MUN YA 2017- DAY 3- Committee 4

24 August 2017- Committee 4 on Climate Change and Civil Social Responsibility began with formal line-by-line amendments on the first draft resolution which was accomplished by the end of August 23rd. The main sponsor for the resolution is Karthik Praveen, a Delegate from UAE. Their first discussion included simple wording and clause suggestions made by some of the delegate members. After a comprehensive look of the draft resolution, the committee then segued into an informal debate to discuss and evaluate the changes made to the resolution. After back and forth sessions of informal and formal/informal debate, the committee came up with a comprehensive resolution.

The resolution opens with preamble clauses which recall and appreciate important documents, reports, and initiatives world-wide which related to climate change such as the Paris Agreement, the Kyoto Convention, and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). It also expressed their consideration of all Sustainable Development Goals in relation to climate change. Finally, the preambles expressed a strive for substantial outcomes from Model UN organizations, as well as greater cooperation between Member States, NGO’s and other Model UN Organizations.

Following the preamble, the committee managed to produce 16 clauses, thus accomplishing a comprehensive resolution. The clauses included initiatives on rejecting claims which may deny the existence of climate change, while supporting policies which attempt to provide Model United Nations Organizations with claims of climate change. In addition, the delegates proposed to foster more empowerment and engagement within Youth Initiatives related to climate change, as well as holding these Youth Initiatives, including Model UN, accountable for their Civil Social Responsibility within their diverse limits. They also did not forget to hold Member States accountable for their own ratification any Climate Change agreements made.

Finally, they also mentioned to ensure Member states are held accountable for climate changes, and aim to hold several youth initiatives, including Model UN to aid the UN in achieving the SDG goal to combat climate change.

The proposal also suggests positive initiatives to make Model UN communities more involved in climate change, such as: complementing existing frameworks which strengthen civil social responsibility, taking eco-friendly alternatives during conferences, hosting conferences domestically while participating in foreign initiatives promoting diversity, and attempting to hold Model UN conferences without the use of paper and non-renewable energy sources. Furthermore, they urgently ask Model UN conferences to uphold committees related to climate change, such as agriculture, while accurately tailoring their solutions based on the index of the respective countries.

The delegates even took the initiative to call upon bigger organizations such as UNESCO and UNDP to provide financial and communicative support for such initiatives taken by Model UN organizations to create more environmentally friendly conferences. They called upon UNESCO and UNDP with an attempt to foster workshops and campaigns aimed to promoting developmental goals.

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