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Press Release-MUN YA 2017-Closing Ceremony

The closing ceremony that is set to conclude the successful four-day Youth Assembly took place this morning (10 AM EDT) at the General Assembly hall of the United Nations’ HQ in NYC.

The ceremony started with a word from Ms. Andrea Livinia the President of the General Assembly preceded by a resolution adoption session for all committees. It is noteworthy that all committees of the United Ambassadors MUN Youth Assembly 2017 have passed their resolutions with consensus.

In the following minutes, MS. Nabila Elaassar gave her word on her experience the important role MUN plays in altering the lives of youth. She also addressed the adversities we face today with the global surge of intolerance around the world and the harsh reality that stands in the face of MUN changing the world.

She then invited his excellency Deputy permanent representative of the Candian mission in the UN. He highlighted the strength of this MUN meeting in what it helps the world through a real simulation and real implementation of UN values and procedure. He also said that there is no place for violence, intolerance reiterating the importance of accepting all sexual orientations and gender identities. His excellency also stressed that putting off of the tackling climate change is no longer viable. Additionally, he underlined the fact that respecting human rights in this day and age is not optional. “We need to welcome immigrants and respect and appreciate our diversity”. It was also stated that a whopping 3 trillion dollars every year are estimated to implement the UNs SDGs and that questioning of the status quo will drive changes, so we must all demand a seat at the table.

Mr. Maher Nasser acting USG for global communications, United Nations, Dep

artment of Public information then took the floor. He opened his speech by calling upon the preamble of the UN Charter and the importance of UN4MUN as well as the opportunity that the energy of youth offers in the way of fulfilling the agenda of the UN. "80% of resolutions are adopted by consensus". He spoke about how he trained to run the marathon to raise scholarships for young women in Gaza and the west bank and highlighted that hope is humanity’s best invention.

Finally, the ceremony concluded with final words from distinguished delegates and members of the secretariat team giving out this year’s awards.

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