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Success Story from Pakistan-UN4MUN Workshop New York 2017- Shuja Ul Haq

My name is shuja ul haq and I am from Pakistan. I am a third year bachelor's student majoring in business management. I love playing cricket and basketball but, traveling and exploring different places is my favorite thing to do.

I heard about the United ambassadors conference and went for it in 2016. At the very first day in the General Assembly hall I was still in a phase where I couldn't believe if is it real or not! And I was a bit nervous too as I haven't been to an MUN at such a big platform. I had a very professional MUN experience. I made new friends and felt blessed to be a part of it. I went to the same conference in 2017 and was more confident. I took part and gave my best and also participated in the workshop at the United nations headquarters. I learned a lot.

My favorite part of the program were discussions in which we had to think outside the box and put things together and work. I especially enjoyed interacting with different people from different parts of the world with different ideas that also helped me think differently. I achieved a lot of confidence and become more outspoken. I would recommend this program because you not only get to discuss the global issues, but you yourself get a lot of awareness which will gain you MUN experience in our respective countries. Additionally, this conference brings people from all around the world which helps a step forward towards peace in the world as we being the young generations will be leading our countries one day which will help us all.

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