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Success Story from the United Arab Emirates-MUN Academy Dubai 2017- Muhammad Nazim

My name is Muhammad Nazim and I am from the United Arab Emirates.

Joining MUN was life changing experience for me. I honestly had no interest in politics and hated researching about the current situation of different countries. But as I experienced MUN I immensely enjoyed the simulation of MUN and got to know about how does member states of different countries take decisions to follow the sustainable goals and make the world safe, clean and fair for the people. I used to feel nervous on the stage but when I had to do debates and speeches a couple of times, it really helped boost my confidence. Now I can easily talk on stage! This have made my life so comfortable that I feel so excited now when i have to speak on stage. I have received the best delegate award and I owe my success to the remarkable motivation and the inspiration you receive in this model. Giving us examples of how leaders such as Barack Obama attracted everyone through their speech really inspired me on Day one of the Academy. The thing I loved the most was interacting with different nationalities and becoming a group member then evolving into a group leader. Working with people with different opinions is a fun part of MUN. I made many new friends. Friends who taught me many things and have influenced my life greatly.

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